Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Young Justice Trailer.

After being bored out of my skull by the premiere, I briefly considered checking in on the next few episodes of Young Justice in case the new characters are interesting and they manage to hammer out the kinks.

That might not work out for me now.


Let's see, still no Miss Martian. To the Creators of Young Justice: I'm sure you consider yourselves progressive for including a physical powerhouse female character, but this is the 21st Century and we would like someone who speaks, and says something of substance when they do. Now, this is difficult if you haven't ever stopped to listen to a girl speak before but I have a solution until you can find a writer who has. Just think of what a boy would say, and have someone with a higher voice say it. It'll be a little rough, and probably not sound entirely right but it'll be a start while you do some research.

Not that the rest of this is doing very well. Prior to this preview I really only hated Speedy because he was a jerk, everyone else was just boring. In less than two minutes, Kid Flash has been promoted to hateful. You might have gotten away with the hormone-driven teenaged boy shit if the girl had been seen enough to counteract the idea that she's little more than a sex object, but she's not so you don't. He's a jerk. Also, the other boys are jerks because they didn't even roll their eyes at him. And I don't care that a villain prevented that, because who wrote the fucking villain?

Robin's been promoted to irritating. That giggle is stupid. He's like a video game character. A+LEFT to hide in the shadows, B to snicker. It's annoying as fuck, and Dick Grayson shouldn't annoy me until he's Nightwing and being overtaken by angst.

Aqualad... is actually okay in this... possibly because he doesn't have enough lines to piss me off. He's doing a little better than Miss Martian in that he actually gets to fight, though.

And Speedy's still here, oh joy. Oh seriously, why the fuck is Roy hanging out here? Is Tradition really that fucking important? We ALL see Artemis in all the fucking promos, we know that very soon the archer is going to be a girl and this asshole will be gone. Why are we watching him? Why does he need to be here in the first three episodes? Is anyone REALLY going to say "Where's Speedy?" FUCK NO! He's just as worthless as the original Aqualad, and the only reason Roy didn't get switched out from the start like Garth did is because someone on that writing staff inexplicably adores Green Arrow. No one outside of comics fandom gives a shit about Speedy, and this jackass we see on screen isn't going to change that! You could have used any reckless teen archer there! You guys just badly wanted to use Roy when Mia or Cissie would've done fine, and now you're doing some stupid story about him leaving or dying because it's "traditional" when you could have started out with this Artemis character in the opening instead. If you're gonna kill him off tragically, you could have done it in the first ten minutes of the pilot, and had room for the girls you left out.

Look, I'm a Silver Age nostalgia fan. I love the Silver Age, I read the old comics, I actually feel a lot of my favorite characters could do with a revival of their Silver Age personalities and elements... and I can't fucking stand what you've put on screen. You have the perfect place to play with the mythos here--a cartoon series where you can streamline major comics stories and can blend the best of the Silver Age, the 90s comics, and whatever new stuff you want to throw in--but you INSISTED on launching this with Roy Harper, Dick Grayson, and Wally West because it's traditional? Stop treating childhood wonder like something you can recreate with a fucking checklist!

Fucking nerds, I swear.

ETA: Addendum.


  1. I watched the first two episodes of Young Justice, and Speedy was *by far* the most irritating part of it. If "tradition" means having to do something fucking stupid just because someone else did it first, "tradition" can eat me.

  2. What was your problem with the characters? The only thing I didn't like was Dick Grayson and his giggle but he was cool in everything else. It seems like your just mad that the girls weren't in the episode. The original Young Justice started out similar to the pilot. The guys on an adventure then they start a team. The girls didn't come in until later. The producers have made it very clear that this is a very young DC universe and Dick, Wally, and Roy were the first to carry the mantles of Robin, Kid Flash, and Speedy. Be patient and you'll get all the girl power you want. Let them establish the characters that will probably lead the show.

  3. Anon:

    Why should she have to be patient? Why should any of us sit through something that is not entertaining just for the chance of girl power later?

    Besides, in the very young DC universe Dick, Wally and Roy weren't alone. They were accompanied by the first to carry the mantle of Wonder Girl as I recall.

    I know Ragnell's not a Donna Troy fan, but it seems a bit notable that she's not there.

  4. Yes, I am mad there were no girls in the episode. What's wrong with that? The reasons they give for not having female characters are completely insufficient in light of the mediocre offerings they've given us with the male characters. My problem with them? They aren't engaging, sympathetic, or enjoyable. If they were, I'd probably not have noticed that there weren't any women.

    But I guess you're right, I should be patient. In fact, it's looking I'll wait until the next series.

  5. FYI, Weisman the producer said that legal issues re: Wonder Girl (both) prevented them from using her early on. However, he said they were since lifted, so we may still see Donna (if they're using Dick, Wally, and Roy, odds are WG would be Donna) in upcoming eps. Also, are there some legal issues re: Wonder Woman's use on TV that I'm not aware of? She didn't appear in a speaking role in Batman: The Brave And The Bold, either.

  6. Another annoying thing: the show claims to have Dick and Wally, yet the shows writers are writing Tim and Bart. Also, Supergirl? She's an actual icon, so much more so than Kon-El. Why don't they use her? She's closer to a sidekick than Superboy as well.

  7. If Weisman ever says anything about not liking Bart or Tim (especially Bart), I'm going to be the first to say "I TOLD YOU SO!"