Sunday, December 26, 2010

If anyone's looking for a fight, I'm up for it.

So much of female comics fandom has migrated from livejournal to Tumblr, which is a service which makes it damned near impossible to anonymously troll someone because the basic conversation revolves around reblogging and posting your statements on your own blog, and they reply on theirs unless they have a special plug-in. Like cloned dinosaurs and challenged misogynists, the Trolls will always find a way, and items from that troll-fallen tumblr account keep making their way via reblogs to my own dashboard. I know one person who's been trolled at least three times this week from there.

In the meantime, there's stuff that doesn't seem so much like trouble-making as it just seems like someone is scared to be the one person in their circle who doesn't agree with the rest, but does want to see if there's a circle where their opinion is the dominant one. It seems very... weak-willed, perhaps?

Either way, I find the whole thing disgusting and made the above image for an email joke. The text is small, but I had a lot to say. And now that I can no longer ruin Christmas, it's the best time vent in public: with my Fan ID attached, on my own blog, in my own space on the internet, where anyone who wants a fight can come get one.


  1. I have your posts coming across my Google Reader but feel I am missing something here.

    Either way, I want to wade in and say "Thank you".

    Can I comment on your picture? I do NOT want to make this a tangent....

    1) I totally agree with you. On some forums, I go so far as to use my real name....other places, a pseudonym no one can figure out.

    2) It has taken me a while to talk about comics out in the open. Now that I do, I feel so much freer....and have converted a few friends....and some of my students!

    4) I don't always "GET" Grant Morrison, I like most of Judd Winick's stuff, LOVE the new Batgirl comic, and can't take Bendis anymore.

    Wow....thanks for that!

  2. PS I absolutely LOVE the title of your tumblrlog.

  3. I don't look at "...secrets" sites much, but I have found them interesting the few times I have. There's something about reading a bunch of opinions that are just opinions, without any reference to what people think of oneself or any relationships one might have built up.

    It exposes me to a wide range of opinions, in brief form, that I wouldn't run into in my necessarily narrower flist/blogroll.

    So is it trolling? Not to me. But I forget they're there most of the time.

  4. I...don't quite understand all this new-fangled technology anyway. So I'll just keep coming here, to annoy you.

  5. For whatever it's worth, when I post it's usually Anonymous because I don't really want to get invested enough in discussions to have an Internet Persona. There are a variety of blogs I visit and enjoy, but if I have a comment, I'd rather just put the comment out there than make it about me even a little. I realize that anonymity is a privilege that brings the potential for abuse, so I make sure to stay on my best behavior.

    I was doing Usenet as far back as 1993 I think, and I've been part of an online community or two in my day. I'm happier with zero personal investment in any blog or community right now, and a good way to keep the investment negligible is to not even have a name.

    I dig your blog.