Monday, October 09, 2006

Holy Cats!

It wasn't a joke.

They really had him in fishnets.

Thanks, Rob!


  1. Huh.. well, I've just lost a dollar.

    Anyway, I'm glad they didn't go with the fishnets. While I will defend Zatana's fishnets until the end of time, seeing Zatara in them makes me want to shake the character designer and shout, "You don't get it, DO YOU?!" But calming down a bit, I can see why they would consider it. When you're looking at character designs based on male stage magicians & vaudeville acts you're pretty much limited to "Tuxedo" or "Faux Swami" the former could be considered boring in a superhero comic book and the latter could be quite offensive.

  2. Btw, Ragnell:

    Not only did he have fishnets, he also had high-heels... and an ass-shot on page 15.

    Oh glorious day! (or not)

  3. Huh.

    Besides relief that I won't have to see the ultra-muscular legs that DC draws every male with clad in fishnets I'm also a little boggled. Fishnets is one thing but then there's also the heels.

    If he really does turn out to have a crush on Eddie and that isn't just in the eyes of the slash fans (something I now believe more than I did a week ago because, dude, heels?!) I'd also be supremely grateful that DC had the restraint not to indulge in such gay camp stereotypes.

  4. Flidget -- Yeah, DC's showing surprising restraint with 52, as its a weekly series and there's not much time for revision. I've been expecting all sorts of horribly offensive and stupid stuff to slip through, and really the worst thing was Starfire's covering up her chest.

    Still, they were close to equal costumes, hopefully it wasn't close to equality because Zach's gay but because they tried to model his costume after Zatanna, then changed their minds.

  5. Honestly, it might've started as a joke on Giffen's part, and something they never intended to follow through on. It's not like changing them to pants would affect the breakdowns any, and it seems in line with his sense of humor.

    As long as his legs aren't hairy in the fishnets...shudder.

  6. Rob -- Maybe he's a swimmer?

    Or secretly a satyr.

    (Yeah, probably Giffen goofing around, though I wouldn't be surprised at a trick to toss him into those inp-story like a magic spell screwing up or a weird dream sequence)