Sunday, October 01, 2006

Prove it!

Dan Didio during the 52 interview:
Zatara - old name, new hero with a family connection, and, in my opinion, looks better without the fishnets, which were in his original designs…. true story.
What? Please don't be joking. Please say we almost had a male character with fishnets.

They were probably his sleeves, though.

Oh well, there's always fanart. Anyone up to designing a Zatara with fishnets for me?


  1. I actually was talking to Kalinara about this yesterday in reference to a male Black Canary but, seriously, I find men's legs in fishnets a horror and anywhere else very Rocky Horror Picture Show. There's no golden age male movie stars in fishnets, after all, so he wouldn't get the glamour Zatana has.

  2. Giffen's layouts for 52 week 21 are up on the 52 site, and...

    Yep, he's in fishnets.