Monday, September 25, 2006


1) Submissions for the Fifth Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans at One Hundred Little Dolls are due Today. May I direct you to the submission form or 100littledolls[at] -- the hostess' email address. You have until the end of the day. Carnival will be up on October 2nd. And I'm always looking for more hosts, email me if you're interested.

2) Been procrastinating about sending people over there, but Heidi's trying to get a letter campaign going over Wonder Woman's chronic lateness. The object is to annoy DC enough that they'll put timeliness higher on their priority list, and light a fire under their creators. Maybe, if enough people suggest it and they think there's a fanbase to support it, we can get another book to fill in the every second month (A Sensation Comics revival?).

At the very least, we can annoy them enough that they'll think twice before hiring another writer who can't keep the commitments he already has.

She's got the contact info:
DC Comics
ATTN: Matt Idelson
Wonder Woman Editor
1700 Broadway
New York, New York 10019

3) We're starting an Arisia Makeover Meme at Zamaron if anyone's interested. Anyone with actual talent, or even just delusions of talent is welcome to show off their fashion sense.

Leave a comment on the Zam post with a link, or email me if you want em to host it on Zamaron. If you're shy about giving your email, but have a drawing and some webspace to host it, leave a comment (with a name so I can give credit) with the link below and I'll link it on Zamaron.


  1. "Been procrastinating about sending people over there, but Heidi's trying to get a letter campaign going over Wonder Woman's chronic lateness."

    Delicious Irony!


  2. You know, as much as I'd like to see a revival of some of those old, classy Golden/Silver Age titles like "Adventure" and "All-Star", I'm not sure that "Sensation Comics" has quite the same ring to it anymore. In our all-too-aware day and age, it evokes less of "Really Cool Comics!" and more of "Comics About Sensations".

    You know, the kind of "sensations" they'd slap with a "Mature Readers" label.

    Boy, there's a bit of Subconscious Sexist Subtext for you: Superman's "Other Title" was Action. Batman's was Detective. Wonder Woman's was Sensation. Body, Mind, and Emotion/Sensuality.

  3. I posted this on Heidi's original call for a letter writing campaign, but it's worth repeating.

    1. Do NOT use the individual e-mail address. The editors use those for business communication and Matt Idelson won't appreciate having his inbox clogged. Every e-mail sent to the askeditors address and every physically mailed letter is read, and if Idelson gets e-mails from 100 (or 1000) different e-mail addresses with the same subject line ("Give us Our Woman Monthly"?), DC editorial will get the message.

    2. Don't JUST demand a monthly book. Idelson knows you want a monthly book. He wants to sell you a Wonder Woman book every month. So tell him HOW you would like a monthly book (a second title, a faster writer/artist team, whatever) and how you are going to financially reward DC for bowing to your will ("If you produce a second Wonder Woman book I will buy two copies of each issue and force my friends to do the same").

    3. The zip code for DC Comics is 10019.

  4. Steven -- Thanks, that's what I get for being lazy with the cut and paste.

  5. Steven's suggestions were pitch-perfect. I'd add that you should suggest that perpetually late books contribute to a decision to drop them from your purchases. Explain, clearly and politely, that action A from them equals action B from you. Keep it short but pointed: I just typed up and mailed out a one-paragraph note that told them I have dropped WW after issue #2 and why.

    Hooves crossed...