Monday, September 25, 2006

Not my usual sort of post

I don't normally repost chat conversations, but this one had a good point to it.

Willow: Why is Wanda looking like she's about to have a heart attack?

Ragnell: Where?


Kalinara: Because it's sexy.

Ragnell: I worry about what they consider sexy

Willow: Y'know the sexiest image of a comic heroine I've seen in the past year?

Ragnell: What?

Willow: Wonder Woman at the White House, sword in hand, in her formal dress, in a semi-crouch with one leg extended forward for balance - preparing to kick Gorgon butt.

Ragnell: Drew Johnson drew the best women

Willow: A beautiful extended leg, a ovely martial arts position and the way the clothes draped?

Willow: Oh yeah.


  1. Wow, there's my perv out for all the world to see. But Drew Johnson's WW is damned sexy. And I maintain I'd still do Demeter.

    In for a perv, in for a pound.

  2. Man, that pose -- is *burned* on my mind, Willow. Because -- JESUS YES.

    Er... anyway. :D

  3. I love page 93, the "bigger is better" page. That's one attractive large woman, even if the author didn't intend her to be. What a treat to see a large superheroine!

  4. What I wouldn't give for pages and pages of drawing instructions on how to make sultry eyed, bikini clad, lean, pouting, dripping wet male heroes. Where's my two page spread of Nightwing writhing and arching is back on satin sheets?!