Thursday, September 28, 2006

Satire.. in.. SPAAAACE!!!

For my pile of overwhelming evidence that women are definitely a viable target audience for comic books:

I almost roffled. "I assure you, sir, NASA is an equal opportunity employer, and we have strict rules against sexual discrimination..."

He cut me off. Typical. "Oh, really? Then why are all the astronauts women?"

"Uh, last I looked, there were quite a few astronauts who are men."

"What, like, five precent?"

"I believe the correct total is closer to fifteen percent..."
Go read the whole thing, it's brilliant.

(Via Feminist Sci-Fi: The Blog)


  1. I like the term "andronazi," tho' I'm geek enough it immediately made me think of androsphinx.

  2. I wonder if there's beer on the sun?

  3. I like andronazi, too. :) I think my mom would get a kick out of this...

  4. I've never gotten the point of stories like these - I honestly think they do more harm then good.

    They are frequently put forth as legitimate feminist fantasies (the world as it should be) instead of treated as a "how would you like it" excercise (the world as it is, but with the pronouns changed to get the men to notice what's really wrong).

    This attitude discourages male feminists - we're looking for equality, not as switch from misogyny to misandry, and putting forth a misanthropic world as a viable alternative to the real, misogynist world makes men feel as though the women responsible are just as sexist as the worse offenders in the real world. It gives middle-of-the-road men a impetus, if a weak one, to head over to the wrong side, and gives the truly sexist guys amunitions to paint all feminists with the tired, old "feminazi" brush.

    All in all, I've got to call it a bad idea.