Saturday, June 10, 2006

Weekly Women's Geek-Out#4

I wish I'd chosen a better name for this feature. I was at the point where I'd put it off nearly a full week after promising it.

Anyway I've procrastinated on this one long enough. I've had a little notepad full of links for the past day and a half, but I kept putting off the write-up. I was too busy rereading Wonder Woman #1 and digging out my Brave and the Bold backissues (Did you know Batman teamed up with Lois Lane in that?)

Anyway, as promised, short and sweet, here are your five links:

I should have linked Comics Worth Reading when i first found it, it's a wonderful site. But I'm mainly a superhero reader and Johanna likes everything else, so there was rarely any shared ground between our blogs, and most everyone else had a link to it anyway. Well, I'm rectifying that now, even as I await her promised Castle Waiting review, since that may be the only comic that we've both read.

I also should have linked I Read Comics when I first found it. This is what I get for procrastinating. This is a podcast site, so it's a bit of a change of pace, she reviews comics and discusses the things she's read on blogs every week (She's a regular WFA reader and linker). I really have no excuse for not linking this earlier, as the first psot I saw when I learned of the site was this one.

Also on the list of "Sites I should of linked immediately" is also the Feminist Sci-Fi Blog! "A coterie of feminists blogging about sci-fi." It was new and I wanted to wait and see if it caught on. It has, so far it has a few book analyses up, and some pictures of the Barnes and Noble Octavia Butler Memorial. There will be more written here about this site later.

Now, this lady I just now found at Comic-Bloc. I would have definitely linked her sooner. Yes, it's a MySpace blog, more of a socializing group than a comic book site, but this is the woman who started the Save Manhunter MySpace Group -- a public service for all superhero comics readers. (Speaking of which, Manhunter is still in need of saving despite the reprieve) Let's all give a hand and some recognition to le Krystal Method.

Finally, here's one that I purposefully put off until the end of the week: Blog@Newsarama (Which, by now you all know used to be the Great Curve). Wait, that's a bunch of guys, right? Nope, the team includes web designer Stephanie Chan. She's responsible for the look of the site, occasionally contribues, and can be seen blogging solo at Comic Book Girl and Pulp Arcade.

All of these ladies will be added to various places on the Blogroll, until the site of a woman in comics is a normal everyday thing that won't take everyone by surprise.

Last week's list can be found here, and it links to the list before that and so on until you see me explain my reasoning for this feature.

If anyone here knows of a female-run geek site that would like to draw attention to it (and don't be shy about pointing yourself out), please email me or comment on this post.


  1. She's not a comics fan, per se, but she is fem and geek at The FemGeek -- just in case you need additional links for next week.

  2. Out of curiosity, do the groupings mean anything?

    Also, Johanna at CWR does review superhero comics--she's been diversifying of late, but there's also a whole category of superhero reviews on her sidebar. So you might have more in common than just Castle Waiting. :D

  3. Justin -- hey, thnaks!

    AH -- I know, that's usually when I comment. :)

    And no, the groupings on the sidebar don't really mean anything. I mean, one group is all group-blogs, and another is non-comics blogs, but aside from that it's just a way to make reading the blogroll easier. A long list blurs together in my mind.

  4. Hi Ragnell,

    I just wanted to say thanks for the props, and I"m blogrolling you back and added your RSS feed to my list. :)

    A quick rundown about the sites: Pulp Arcade is my baby that I've been nurturing in my spare time. My focus with that site is video game related comics and merchandise. I am a huuuuuge gamer. Blog@Newsarama was a lot of work for me and everyone seems happy with it (yay!). I am staying on as their web designer and tech, and I will be contributing more in the future. ComicBookGirl is my personal blog where I just talk about anything.

    Thanks again and glad to connect!

  5. Stephanie -- You'll probably like and New Game Plus. :)