Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday Misogyny

I was linked to this dreadful petition through the Millarworld forums and I looked out of pure curiousity (and to see if I recognized any names). I was not planning to link to it. I didn't want to call attention to such stupidity.

But I saw something I just couldn't resist by one of the signatures.
Me, I would’ve preferred to have seen her as someone(like the original Batgirl, Barbara Gordon) be a female who was in “love” with Batman and wanted to be like him, solving crimes, defending his city of Gotham making her become Batwoman. Or even better, had it she comes from another countrywould’ve made for an interesting background than being a lesbian. This is one comic I won’t be reading anytime soon. If Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Oracle, The Huntress and Black Canary are not gay then why have Batwoman gay? Is DC Comics that hard up for story ideas?
Well, it is Monday.


  1. Yesh, as if that Adoring Copycat Fangirl isn't modly and played out enough already.

    More and more I just want something or someone to completely tear down and shake the comic world up, even if it's a new character that'll just get dropped and killed off in the next event. I'm getting tired of fans who will only support the same old characters and types under the same old brand names.

    Good luck, Batwoman.

  2. Let me get a crack at it. I'm bubbling over with so many batshit insane ideas that I make Grant Morrison look level-headed. No joke.

  3. That opinion is pretty horrible. The whole in love with the hero thing is trite, vain and stupid. I do prefer the Barbara Gordon Batgirl though, at least in theory. The prim librarian by day, adventurer by night, character was a good simple concept and a real archetype. Batgirl was one of DC's purest and best concepts. Batwoman I'm not terribly excited about yet.

  4. It only took about five responses on that petition to make me feel nauseous and unable to read further.

    I am fast approaching the point where I'll sign it myself on the basis that comic readers are too stupid and narrow minded to appreciate something like Batwoman or Manhunter.

    Of course the real joke after all this frenzy would be if Batwoman turns out to be kinda dull.

  5. Was Batgirl really "in love" with the Dark Knight? I always thought he was more of an inspiration...

  6. The funniest thing is how much that petition betrays how little they know about the comics.

    Bringing up Barbara as the "original" Batgirl (which I guess she was, as she wasn't Bat-Girl), and being in *love* with Bruce? The hell? Since *when*?

    I'd be terribly surprised to learn any of these folks knew who Kathy Kane *was*!

  7. JLG -- She's got one hell of a boost from this.

    Diamondrock -- Wanna grab Kyle Rayner, then? I'm liking the sries, but he does ebst in wall-to-wall wierd.

    Anonymous -- Well, we don't even know her motivation yet. She has no character. She's just a lesbian bat that's sneaking around the globe. ("Where. In. The. World. Is--" Dammit, Carmen Sandiego is such a better name than Kate Kane)

    Mari -- Well, Rucka's writing it... Nevertheless, I'm optimistic. Triple-Identity. Wealthy Socialite by Day, Closeted Lesbian by early evening behind closed doors, and Crimefighter in the late hours. I can't wait for the first set of secret identity shenanigans that get muxed up with her other secret.

    Keeper -- She had a thing for Robin, but I think that was after she started out. If I remember correctly, she was dressed as Batman at a costume party to piss off her Dad, and a villain struck.

    Kali -- I think recent issues prove that these people are not DC's target audience.