Monday, June 05, 2006

Now it's time to Really Save Manhunter

I meant to post this earlier, but was confused by a 5'10 lesbian bat in high heels. It seems the two characters had the same name. Someone should do something to make a distinction, like maybe use a less common nickname for the bat, like, I don't know, Kathy?

Anyway, as mentioned earlier, this is our last chance to save Kate Spencer from a untimely limbo, only to be broken by an appearance in a Justice Society storyline and a future death in a crossover.

Kate Spencer is a damned good character, and she deserves better than that.

And fortunately, her creator's willing to put his money where his mouth is.

And as a kickoff to builing the excitement for the coming issues, Andreyko put on his salesman hat…

"You've never tried it? Why should you try it? Well, where do I start? How 'bout this: it's a damn fun book that I am proud to be a part of - hence, my long-standing money-back guarantee: "buy an issue of Manhunter and hate it? Send it to me and get your $2.99 back!". If you're a fan of your superheroics having equal parts big fights and richly textured characters, this is the book for you. Add in amazing art, coloring, letters and edits and $3 is a bargain!

"And, hey, if people with names like Whedon, Millar, Rucka, Brubaker, Bendis, Oeming, Simone, Hester, Meltzer, Casey are fans of Manhunter, shouldn't you listen to 'em?"

I seem to recall a similar offer earlier on that we all ignored also. But seriously, what can you lose? Don't wait until Manhunter #26 comes out sometime in the fall.

Start Now.


  1. I plan on giving Manhunter a shot (I'm going to try and hunt down some back issues, too). I admit that the title did not seem like it would appeal to me, but it's getting such good word-of-mouth that I've got to try it.

  2. Still not buying it.


  3. I'm tempted to get it. (Back in the early '90s I collected most of the (Mark Shaw) Manhunter title that was running at the time, and quite liked it.) I believe everybody when they say it's good. But I just don't have the budget to get more than a few titles a month, and this isn't one of them.

  4. If the second trade comes out I'll pick that up.

  5. Well, with the impending Spider-Girl cancellation, and the end of my new Avengers affiliation, I might put my money in circulation, by reading Kate Spencer practice defenestration.

    Or, I'll sink it into Heroclix. So, no promises.

  6. But Matthew, Mark Shaw is IN Manhunter!

    So now you HAVE to buy it!

    Or at least one issue. Then judge that issue by everything else you bought that week, and if it is undoubtedly the worst thing you spent your money on, you can send it back to the author for a full refund!

    BUT... if it is better than anything else you bought, then you might just have to buy the next issue as well... and the next... and the next...

  7. steven:

    I speak as someone who's had a great many beloved titles cancelled out from underneath him (Captain Carrot, Atari Force, Blue Devil, Infinity Inc., Electric Warrior...). I sympathize. But I don't think you understand how small my pull list is. Right now I'm just getting Supergirl and the Legion (which no force on earth could get me to drop) and 52. I'm not worried about it not being good enough; the budget just doesn't have that much room for luxuries right now. And Manhunter is about sixth in line of all the comics I'd like to start collecting (Justice League of America, Wonder Woman, Blue Beetle, The All-New Atom, Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters...)

  8. Oh, please don't take my hard sell seriously (or anything I say, for that matter).

    I just saw an opening with the Mark Shaw thing.