Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wonder Woman #1: Other's Reactions

Wonder Woman #1 has already sparked some interesting discussion around the net about varying fan concerns (Spoilers in the links, guys):

Characterization on the DC Message Boards:
She's about making this world a better place for everyone, by helping corrupt and evil people see the error of their ways... and, failing that, by preventing them from harming innocent people.

Accessibility on Comic-Book Resources:
I thought this issue was an enjoyable read. Not being very familiar with Wonder Woman or Donna Troy, I appreciated the extra time spent introducing each of the characters and concepts. I also liked the brief captions about the two major villains.

And on Newsarama:
That shows how cool Donna is--she'll even give the biggest loser a sympathy f*ck


  1. Ah, Newsarama: truly the Algonquin Round Table of our age.


  2. Man, the entire first page isabout Donna's sex-life, and there's no sex or romance in the issue.

  3. In many ways, the first issue reminded me of the pre-crisis Wonder Woman. And I may be a majority of one here, but I really like the Silver and Bronze Age WW.

    It was a fun issue, something I couldn't really say about WW for years.

    (Rucka's run was excellent, but it wasn't really fun. As a father, the scene where a child was transformed into stone by the Medusa hit me like a punch in the gut. Speaking of Newsarama and the DC boards, I remember a post expressing disappointment that Diana acted to bring the boy back to life. Nice)

  4. I liked the first WW, but am expressing concern about the art. it truly was beautiful, but was anyone else having a bit of problem discerning donna troy from ww? sure, the different costumes helped, but if ever there's an extreme close-up, i'm gonna have a hard time....

  5. Keeper -- *Nod* It's the same Perez fans. They love it because it's relevant and well-crafted, but it screws things up for the next writer.

    Jenn -- You're not the only one who's ahving that problem. It's subtle, but the trick is the hair-part. Donna parts on the side, Diana in the middle. The two are supposed to look alike and have the same basic face, but normally Donna is drawn smaller all around. Someone else (somewhere, I forget where) mentioned that her armor adds bulk that wouldn't be there in her old costume.

  6. I find this kind of odd, because as opposed to the original story about Donna Troy, waaay back, when she was supposed to be Diana's kid sister, now she is supposed to be the magically generated "mirror" twin of Diana. Her origin states that a sorceress on Themyscira magically conjured Donna from Diana's image in a mirror, as a playmate for Diana (considering all the inhabitants of Themyscira were centuries-old women, Diana was probably bored stiff from time to time. Donna should be hard to tell apart from Diana! Donna was kept hidden for some reason (maybe it was against the rules to clone the royal heir), and then kidnapped when she was mistaken for Diana by an enemy of Hippolyta (oddly enough the kidnapper is supposed to be Donna from another dimension). She was then thrown into one tragic life after another, costantly being reincarnated to continue her agony, in the hope of transmitting some of that pain to Hippolyta, who of course was blissfully unaware as Diana was with her the whole time (but supposedly explains her over-protective nature). So, maybe the additional "life" experience makes her a completely different person emotionally and mentally, but she should still look identical to Diana, other than cosmetic changes like the hair part.