Monday, June 05, 2006

While I'm at It...

Now, for the record, I appreciate linking. Especially at message boards and especially by people who think I'm right. But...
Randell's Written World has just posted an entry about Winick's Terry Berg story. He compares it to O'Neil's run.

I have to admit, he explained it in a way that I had not considered. I already knew the message, so the lesson in Winick's story wasn't for me. But since I already knew the message, I didn't realize that Winick was very much turning readers off of the book. None of the characters really learned anything.

This guy explains it well. Check it out.
Do I not have a name that ends in -nell? Is my profile picture not feminine?

I want everyone to look up at the banner. Is that not a Wonder Woman picture there? Does it not say "Amazon Queen of the Planet Femnaz"?

Why do people still assume male?


  1. One of these days English is going to get a neutral pronoun...

  2. C'mon. You know things about comics. Comics is guy stuff.

  3. That's the price you pay for blogging with a pseudonym instead of your real name. :)

  4. Rule #1 of the He-Man Woman Haters' Club is "Chicks don't read comics."

    Rule #2 is "Dude. Crack a window."

  5. Also, the guy must be way behind on his Sir Gawain-related reading.

  6. "Why do people still assume male?"

    Because he's a guy.
    Because guy's usually assume if they agree with someone then that someone must be a guy.
    Because guys and quite a few gals usually default to thinking people are guys if they don't know a person's sex for a fact.
    Because as others have stated, everyone *knows* women don't read comics.
    Because he's a guy.

  7. What I want to know is why people still assume I'm female!?

    Just because I wear dresses and call myself victoria in third person doesn't mean a damn thing!

  8. Maybe he followed this link and got confused...

  9. For the same reason people see "Fortress Keeper" and assume "male" - which I am.

    People - and I've seen women do this as well - always think in the "he," although in your case I think its fairly obvious the reverse is true.

    P.S. Nothing wrong in using a pseudonym, by the way. We're writing about super-heroes, so what's more appropriate to the genre than secret identities?

  10. See, "Amazon Queen" is too subtle. That's why I go with the garish pink blog. No one thinks I'm male!

  11. Really? I thought you were a koosh.

    Or perhaps an exploding Krypton... which would explain the Mogo thing.

    Sort of.

  12. ... still?
    You mean, this kind of thing has happened before? Yikes.

  13. That's the price you pay for blogging with a pseudonym instead of your real name. :)

    Now, now, real names don't necessarily do a great job of indicating gender. For all we know, Ragnell's real name is Pat or Kris or... Kelly, or something equally ambiguous.

  14. I'm actually a small amorphous spiky alien, but I'm not male!

    I think it's because people are dumb. If the name doesn't end in a (or sometimes e or i) they automatically think it's male.

    Besides, you're a superhero comic fan. :-P Girls only read Sandman and manga.

  15. Kalinara's right, your blog isn't pink enough.

    tsk. tsk. How are people to know what gender you are if you don't use the right signifiers?

    Green is for boys, silly girl!