Saturday, June 10, 2006

Upcoming Miniseries

I think I may pass on this. No one should attempt to make G'Nort serious. He was never meant to be.

However, I'm really intrigued by this, so I suppose it works out.


  1. The very idea of "Serious G'nort" makes my inner fanboy cry. So...wrong! He's the GL who piddles on fire hydrants and chases his own tail! And that's a good thing!

    As far as Connor returning, I've always dug him. Once I even came up with an approach to make him work as a series lead. He can work, consarn it.

    "Serious G'nort." Jeez. That's like saying "pizza! Now with bran instead of cheese!"

  2. "pizza! Now with bran instead of cheese!"

    Harvey, were you the one who told me about the new Grim 'n' Gritty Plastic Man?

  3. I utterly love Conner and I'm glad he's getting a mini to himself. That said, my pet wish for a while has been for Dina to take him on as her sidekick. She's a legacy character, she needs a heir, and he's got the family link and the martial arts skills. Plus it's about time a female character got a male sidekick.

  4. I could really see that working, Harvey. Enough of a distinction from Ollie and Roy to make Connor unique. Sort of a Waid/Dixon hybrid that could be very exciting.

    My own idea for Connor would be to ditch the "Arrow" theme altogether and go in a Richard Dragon direction, mainly because I think the bowman angle gets too crowded with Ollie, Roy, Shado, Mia, and Merlyn running around (and is Arrowette still alive?), plus all the other "good aim" characters like Deadshot. Yes, the martial arts theme is extremely crowded too, and there's a risk that putting Connor wholly in that category would bury him behind people like Dragon, Bronze Tiger, the bats, Shiva, etc. Still, I think there's room for an Iron Fist-style mystic/supernatural martial artist in the DCU.

    Also, I'd make Connor the 3rd "Green" hero behind Lantern and Arrow. Something like "Green Hand" or "Green Fist." It's DC's Power Color, where someone called Green anything is practically de facto A- or B-list (which explains the G'nort miniseries).

  5. Cove -- G'Nort's not getting a miniseries.

    Harvey -- You lost me with some of that. If you got it published, I'd be the annoying fan begging for the return to the old version there. Especially with the Kyle/Connor relationship.

    Flidget -- Actually, I like that idea. Attach him to Dinah, put him in BOP to groom him as the next Black Canary. It would work.

  6. Oh yeah, female hero: male sidekick?

    I give you Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E.