Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Flash is Starting to Scare Me

In the next panel, the Flash gets very angry for this insinuation.

Chris points out that Wildcat sounds awfully creepy there.

I just wondered where Ted could have possibly gotten the impression that Jay would hit his wife... Until I saw the Golden Age Flash Archives, Volume 2


  1. You know what struck me the most about putting those two panels in the same post? You can actually READ the second one without squinting or enlarging it! I really despise the way modern comics lettering has shrunk, it's extremely disinviting to new readers.

  2. The good thing about being the Flash is you can give your uppity wife a hundred "lessons" in the time it takes most men to give their uppity wives only one.

  3. Jay isn't letting no female get him into shit. He's seen Superman, one second she's talking about the strange light at the docks and the next it's giant robots hitting him across the city.

    He's got to look after himself sometimes.

  4. daniel ---
    how else would he scratch his ears?