Sunday, April 02, 2006

Final Call for Carnival of Feminists XII Submissions

Everyone, you have until midnight April 3rd CST to send in your last-minute submissions for the Carnival of Feminists. See the First Call for the details. You can still use the Blog Carnival Submission Form (Warning: right now it's set right now for a early submission deadline of midnight, April 2nd GMT; I've emailed them to change that but y'know how that works on a weekend) or you can email me directly at ragnellthefoul AT gmail DOT com.

The Final Call's featured image is the first in-story appearance of Katma Tui circa 1964. Katma's special because she was the first female Green Lantern character who was not a villainess and/or somebody's girlfriend. She was a co-worker.

She died a pointless misogynistic death in Action Comics Weekly #601 in 1988, and was resurrected for three issues in 1993, which just about every writers at DC has forgotten. I've got my fingers crossed, though, since nearly everyone else in that franchise is returning from the dead.


  1. Why is Katma standing like that? You don't see Alan, Hal, John, Guy or Kyle standing like that. Well, actually, I can imagine Kyle in that pose.

    I take comfort in the fact that Hal is probably getting whacked on the head by something on the next page.

  2. Look at how drop-jaw STUPID Hal looks in that second panel. Someone ought to make that into a poster.

    Gee, Hal, maybe the Guardians forgot to mention that she was a female because... uh... they didn't think it was important?

    That Hal... such a suave, sensitive soul.

    "Somehow, Superman forgot to tell me you were black, Black Lightning! I thought it was just a name! I didn't think you'd be a real black man! ...What's that like, anyway?"

    "Somehow, Batman forgot to tell me you were the last survivor of your race, J'Onn! I'm surprised! ...I mean, geez, whole family dead, huh?"

    "Somehow, the guardians forgot to tell me you were a superintelligent smallpox virus, Leezel P... Ooh, suddenly I don't feel so good."

  3. This,though is as much as we could expect in the era the issue was printed.I was quite suprised to learn this character was created then instead of 15 years lator as I had believed.We are fotunate to evan have Korugar's Finest appear in a pioneering a role as she did.She deserves far more than Action Comics#601(a disgrace to comics and to the Jade Fighter of Korugar.)including perminant resurrection.

  4. I hereby propose a petition to bring back Korugar's Emerald Gladiator.If you too would like to see DC Comics permanently revive This Verdant Champion,add your name to "Friends of Katma Tui".you can reach it simply by clicking onto my username.feel free to add comments,fanfiction,humor,etc. also.

  5. Kat fancier's update-the Katma Tui Fanpage is now available.