Saturday, February 25, 2006

Amazing What Good Coloring Can Do

The cover to Wonder Woman #1 as found on Newsarama.

I take back some of the bad stuff I said about Terry Dodson. He can draw a woman with biceps who believably has the Beauty of Aphrodite. That's impressive.

So many artists freak out and remove all trace of organs, showing a little stick-arm figure, and the few who try sometimes go the other direction and lose all proportionality when drawing the figure. It's nice to see definition in her arms.

Unless this is all on the colorist. In which case, I hope the same colorist is on the interiors.

I hope he can manage a distinctive face though. I mean, scenes that feature Diana, Donna and Hippolyta (I refuse to believe she's not coming back) out of costume could be a nightmare telling the three apart.

I wonder if Diana has experiences like this lady describes: "..a significant percentage of men feel absolutely compelled to announce within moments of meeting me whether or not the sight of a muscular female causes them to become sexually aroused."

(Oh, and she'd better be towering over the rest of the Justice League this summer. I'll accept Martian Manhunter looking her in the eye, but Batman had better be craning his neck.)


  1. I've always liked his stuff. Cover needs some bullets, though.

  2. BATMAN LOOKS UP TO NO ONE! Except possibly OMAC who is, according to John Byrne, "Eight feet tall! And the last foot's just hair!"

    But I digress. You know, Ragnell, it's not like Wonder Woman's the only thing Mike Turner draws wrong.

    That would be "everything."

  3. I totally agree with you about the stick-arm thing. That's one complaint I've always had about Lynda Carter as WW.

    But shouldn't Diana and Donna look exactly alike? The last thing I remember was that Donna was a mirror-image of Diana brought to life. (Of course this being Donna, she's probably had a dozen different origins since then.)

  4. Well, as long as she's at least looking J'onn in the eye I can deal your obbsession with Wonder Woman being the tallest person in the JLA...

  5. Wow, that drawing really is beautiful. :-) That's how she *should* be drawn. (Power Girl too for that matter. Though artists seem to be more willing to draw her with appropriate muscle and strength than they are Diana. Perhaps because she's not a member of the trinity and thus not as important?)

    And the link to that bodybuilder's livejournal is really interesting too. :-)

  6. Yes, it's always nice to see the lady superheroes with some arm and leg muscle. (For that matter, few of them should have much breast due to excessive excercise, but that's another topic.)

    How tall is WW supposed to be? Isn't Jonn suppsoed to be about 7 feet or something?

  7. That was one of the things I always liked about the athletic wimmin in the olympics. Nice, sturdy, powerful.