Thursday, February 23, 2006

Am I Dreaming?

Green Lantern #9 came out today. (Kalinara has gleaned more meaning from this one than I was able to.)

This makes the book officially back on schedule.

This, actually meeting a real-life Hal, the disturbing lack of the Flash in my pullbox (The Flash is the one title I have consistantly read since I started reading comics), my unexpected sadness at Jade's fate, and my sudden attraction to Obsidian all combine to make this a truly surreal month for me.

I just hope I don't wake up and find myself on January 31st again.


  1. Johns FINALLY had Hal hit his head?

    Thank god. I was beginning to think I'd have to drop the title because Geoff didn't understand Hal enough...

  2. No FLASH?!?!?!

    Has the world gone MAD?!!!!!!!!

  3. :-) Thanks for the link! :-)

    I'm sure the flash will be back soon enough, and the previews seem to indicate Jay's got his Speed Force thingy back, so yay!

  4. derek -- Hehehe, I've seen that pic. Hal at his worst. And I think it's from the 80s, past Silver Age stupidity.

    Scipio -- And it wasn't even part of a fight. They were in the Batmobile!

    Sinspired -- I haven't ranted to you that they cancelled it?

    Kali -- Yes, but which Flash?