Saturday, May 10, 2008


He actually lasted longer than I expected.

(Found out through some livejournals I follow before I reached his blog in my feeds, actually.)

I don't want to comment on his little blog but because I'm adverse to one-sided stories and this'll be on WFA I just wanted to let everyone know that that postscript was meant for me, and that this was not an offer.  It was a suggested course of action.  Also, that my anger had shit-all to do with feminism and everything to do with military and family history, but if he's whiny enough to assume every disagreement with me is about women he may as well do so.  I was mainly thinking of my grandfather but there were also female veterans of WWII.

Admittedly, I dismissed him as a troll due to his asinine beliefs on rape. There is no excuse for this idiocy.

Anyway, contest: Read through Brett's "Goodbye Cruel Blogosphere" post and see how many logical fallacies you can find.

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  1. My favorite part was the attack on the Liberterian Party that comes out of nowhere. I mean I mock Libs too, but at least I do so in the proper context...

  2. Actually new best part is glancing over at his Blog Link and seeing it includes both you and Seeking Avalon and Kalinara still. And a host of others, who I think are unlikely to be sympathetic to him...

  3. Wow.. that PS was CLASSY. >.>;;

    Also a WoC is what I am. o_O I call myself a WoC b/c I am one. You can debate my feminism, you can't debate that I'm Asian. o.O I'm confused D:

  4. Ooh, ooh, I spotted one!

    "Why don't you work on REAL feminist issues?"

    Because the portrayal of women in comics IS a feminist issue, you idiot. Is it more important than stopping genital mutilation in Africa? No, it isn't. Did I say it was? But the portrayal of three-dimensional women as two-dimensional ditzes and sex toys leads down the path to one-dimensional harlots, which allow the patriarchy to ascribe all sorts of negative values to them. I'd suggest reading Jeff Whitty's first letter to Jay Leno on this, where he called Leno out for presenting a multitude of gay men and subsets of gay culture as the straight-up gay stereotype.

  5. Gosh, the more that I read his comments, the more that I realize, he's a strange little man.

  6. Reading stuff like that hurts my head. On the one hand, I'd really like to know what his statement on Captain America had to do with feminism. On the other hand, I'm almost afraid to find out.

    One of my major hopes in life is that, when facing overwheming contray opinion, that I can conduct myself with a little more grace and class.

    It's a vain hope, of course. I have a hard enough time behaving in regular posts...

  7. Captain America's a woman, duh. :-P

  8. I'm more interested by the title and subtitle. Apparently this was started as an anti-WGA-strike blog. Classy.

  9. Oh, the Captain America comment is because some of us schooled him on WWII vets on Ragnell's blog and he's fuming childishly about that still. It's all mixed together into some massive ball of wadded up grievances now.

    Says he's gonna prove his point with some comic book scans, too. He was and still is talking out of his bunghole on that particular subject.

    I had sympathy for him up to this point. And lo, now I don't!

    Still claims he's a feminist, too but with friends like that, who needs enemies?

  10. Joel: He is still going about the "all ppl in the 30s and 40s were racist bigots and etc" in his comment in his blog to Filby. In fact he expands on it and says that if ppl's grandparents say otherwise they are not being "honest". >.>;;

  11. And now he's posting about how being pro-choice means you have to be in favor of the Open Source Boob Project. Stupid boredom! Why do I go back to these idiot's sites...

    Oh and his LATEST arguement for "Captain America would TOTALLY be a bigotted jerk in WW2" is linking to an essay on the Engleheart era of Cap from the 70s...

    So much fail...

  12. Ami- I saw a little of that. Obviously, he's never ever wrong despite the preponderance of facts that say otherwise. He's becoming even more of a clown, digging himself an even deeper hole.

    Now it's all "I won't mollycoddle people who say my Grandpa wasn't like that." When the issue is actually his making a blanket, absolutist statement about actual human beings... then backing it up with... comic book examples?

    Sheer genius. If by genius we mean "idiocy."

  13. All right, Brett, let's find out who you really are

    (rips off mask)

    It's Old Man Meeley, the guy who ran the Haunted Comics Blog!

  14. "you can't debate that I'm Asian. o.O I'm confused D:"

    Oh, you can prove it can you? you have pictures or something?! Oh...yeah...never mind. ;)