Monday, May 05, 2008

Apparent Marvel/DC Olympics Misunderstanding

Marvel/DC Olympics poll on livejournal.

Now, we can clearly see from the first eight matchups that we're only watching the men's events but it seems some misguided fans have nominated women for the final event. And twice as many women as men.

If you have a livejournal account, please go and nominate some men (particularly Marvel men since right now we just have Roy and Kyle on the list) for the swimsuit competition that makes up the final event.


  1. There is no excuse for anyone but Dick Grayson to win. I mean look at the man.

  2. It's when I read posts like this that I am reminded that I am so not worthy.

    Your non-snarky posts are certainly extremely praise-worthy, but your snarky ones are just so amazingly understated. I bow before your greatness.

    And damn! I wish I had a livejournal account. :(