Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I am so very angry I can't come up with a rant for this one.

Our newest community troll, discussing Captain America in Kalinara's comments:
Realism for portraying a WWII-era soldier (super or otherwise) is unfortunately being a xenophobic flag hugging bible thumping asshole. They might actually give him some depth that Ultimate Cap lacked, but I think he'll be pretty much right there as far as characterization.
Now I've been on the internet for a few years now, so it's not normal for me to see something that has me literally shaking with rage. You've accomplished quite a feat, Brett.

Congratulations, and FUCK YOU!


  1. Honestly, a bit of thought and a political history text book is all someone needs to know that simply isn't true.

    Or you know, conversation with more than one single WWII vet.

  2. Eh - I'm not sure that Brett is a troll - not everyone who says something stupid on the Internet is a troll. He may be ignorant of history, or he may be so young that he doesn't actually know any WWII vets (or maybe the only ones he knows are jerks), or he could just be dumb.

    His remark struck me more as the type of thing that a 20-something (or younger) dumbass who didn't know any better might say off-the-cuff rather than someone who was specifically trying to piss people off (as opposed to Racist Dave at Newsarama who clearly was trying to piss people off).

    Not that it makes it any less offensive, mind you - especially to those of us who had relatives who fought in the war. But I think the folks engaging him in the thread have the right idea in trying to correct his mistaken ideas first. If he comes back and tries to defend his statement (or if he's got some other stupid angrifying stuff posted somewhere), then I'd agree that the label "troll" probably applies.

  3. Gosh, and all this time I thought that Steve Rogers was a NICE boy. Who knew?

  4. I warned you and warned you and warned you both about attempting to have dialogue with the excrement of Trilobites - but you and Kalinara are some stubborn headed [strike]Amazons[/strike] GL's.

  5. Jer -- Yeah, but this is also the guy who earlier said that it was physiologically impossible to rape a man. That kind of idiocy gets him the troll badge.

    Unless we want to start doing an intense taxonomy on irritants on the internet, because he does have his own home from which to spew stupidity. Trolls are usually roving miscreants. Ogre, perhaps?

  6. Oh good, he's back. And its not him, its us...

  7. I've heard about this guy but this is the first time I've seen him in action.

    I take it he's the Rebecca to Scott's Diane?

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  9. No, he's a troll. >.>;;

    "can't rape a person with a penis" + this = EPIC FAIL

    ugh >.>;; Listen to Willow. She knows what she's talking about. xD

  10. What a dummy. Here's an example of a WWII-era soldier: the guy who co-created Capt. America. You know, Jack Kirby.

    Not xenophobic, not a Bible-thumper (he was Jewish), not a flag-hugger, not an asshole. Fought in WWII. In combat. As a soldier. Without those negative characteristics.

    Oh, and a great uncle of mine. Also a combat infantryman from WWII, none of those other things.

    I think what the fool meant to say was some of Cap's ideal might be simpler and more clear-cut than the more relativistic view we tend to have today. But instead, he went and wrote something stupid.

  11. Not to mention that some of the most respected and decorated veterans of the war were Japanese-Americans. Between this and serving alongside African-Americans, vets should have a more nuanced view of race relations than other folks of their generation.

    Oh, yeah...and later in the war, having a somewhat concrete (and barbed-wire) view of what racism leads to. Forgot about that one.

  12. If anyone wants to read an actual, researched, thoughtful take on the subject, I can recommend John Gower's War Without Mercy. It's well worth anybody's time.

  13. I'm going to read that book, Wrye. It's right an overlapping area of several of my circles of interest. No doubt racism greatly informed the Pacific theater, but I think to claim xenophobia and racism as the default mode for servicepeople during WWII is a generalization or oversimplification.

    Not that the book's doing that. It looks to bring a weight of scholarship to bear on a related topic. Just that the person in question did that.

    Another thing that should be pointed out is that many WWII veterans returned determined to do something about racial disparity. Many who entered government were instrumental in getting Civil Rights legislation passed (and of course, some opposed it as well). But the U.S. Army was one of the first- if not THE first- national institutions to desegregate.

    Captain America could just as easily have been that type of mid-century American liberal. Like John F. Kennedy, another non-racist WWII vet.