Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Under Construction.

Trying out a new look for the site.  Couldn't get the pretty green one I wanted to work with new blogger, but I like this one for now.  Don't mind the disappearing links.

And I hope the non-English stuff doesn't translate to anything rude I wouldn't say.


  1. Well, this has a very classic look about it. Black always looks dressy. Throw on some pearls, and you are all set!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    And I like this look. Elegant, and having the two sides can be very useful.

  3. I'm getting most of the posts shifted to the left side, with half of the text obscured by the black sidebar. I can hightlight it, but it's a pain in the ass. Am I the only one getting this problem?


  4. what about the rude words that you would say? Those are cool, right? :)

  5. New look is nice.

    Happy birthday!!!

    -Smith Michaels

  6. I'm using Firefox and all looks okay to me.

    Except missing the green. I love green.

    And Happy Birthday!

    Alan Coil

  7. I like the colour theme. Love the classic look of it with a hint of paisley (I love that stuff).

    However, I would recommend your two side columns on one side, rather than on both. I think it looks messy and it's rather distracting.

  8. Eek! Where's all the content gone? I'm looking at it in Internet Explorer and all your text, except some titles, is dark grey on an identical dark grey. I'll look at it in Firefox when I get home, but this is totally unusable. I can't even see enough to know whether the black bars and the sidebars work.

  9. ... and now I am home, and it's all suitably legible. As well as the colours, I'm also not getting the problem where everything in the centre column was down below the stuff in the sidebars. I suspect the public terminal didn't download your theme.

    I disagree with Wendy's comment about the sidebars. If you have both, I prefer one each side. Can you make the centre column wider though?

    Happy birthday, by the way.

  10. I'm using Firefox, and it looks good to me as well.

  11. in case this is helpful, my internet explorer browser does the annoying shifting of the content under the sidebars, text-obscuring thing but the sight looks great on Safari. No, I am not on a mac. The new look is gorgeous, btw. kudos! (where did you get this theme?)