Monday, April 21, 2008

I can't watch this with a straight face.


For an adaptation of a Will Eisner property, it sure looks like a love letter from Frank Miller to Frank Miller, delivered by the fine folks at United Frank Miller's Sin City Parcel Service.


  1. That's fake, right?

    Like - a bunch of Frank Miller fans got together and put together a fake trailer for the movie based on a handful of out-of-context Spirit panels they saw somewhere on the Internet.



  2. LOL...that is funny. But, I have to admit that it doesn't look as bad as I thought it was going to be. When I saw early promotional stuff for the movie, I thought it was going to be extremely unwatchable. It definitely does look like "The Spirit Goes To Sin City," but, I have to admit, it's piqued my interest a bit. I just hope that he captures a little of the goofiness that Will Eisner gave the characters.

  3. This is madness!



  4. Upon reading the caption, I knew it was going to be "The Spirit," but a small part of me really, really wanted it to be "A Contract With God."

  5. Hey - everybody at the Comic Con panel made it perfectly clear that "this is exactly the movie Will would have wanted," over and over and over. Well, in between Miller talking about how great he is. They weren't trying to pour Kool-Aid down my throat, were they?

  6. Wow. That's craptacular.

    I like the Spirit, but I don't understand why Denny Colt talks exactly like Bruce Wayne.

    Oh, wait, I lied. I do understand. Frank Miller can't write in more than one voice, but he thinks of that as a good thing.


  7. Looks more like All Star Spirit and Ebony #1.

  8. YOu know, If Miller was doing this with the Shadow, maybe. But The Spirit is, well, supposed to be fun. I'm not sure I'm getting that vibe here.

  9. Thank goodness He didn't say, "I'm the God-damn Spirit!"
    Sigh, at least the cityscapes are Eisner-esque.

  10. My city cries out for me. The rain drenches her streets, making them a warm, moist receptacle for my white-hot vengeance. I hear the scum and the lowlifes below. They speak loudly, unafraid. They have lived their entire lives without fear of justice, without the fear that they can be stopped. Well no more. This city is my bitch.

  11. OK, I never want to hear "She is my mother... She is my lover" again!

  12. Only a Frank Miller movie could pack in such horrifying gender politics for a one minute teaser.

    I'm almost impressed.

  13. Frank Miller was good friends with Eisner, but this just makes me sad. Just make a sequel to Sin City already, man. Don't do this to another man's work.

  14. Sounds like Miller listened to a little too much Meredith Brooks:

    "This city's my bitch
    She's my lover
    She's my child
    She's my mother..."

  15. My wife called me in to watch that video.

    "Eh," I said, "The TICK did it better back in 1989."

    "What?" she said.

    "The TICK, issue number one, back in '89. My comics are packed up, or else I'd show you."

    Fortunately, my wife is a librarian, and was able to find the quote of which I was thinking, online.

    "The city calls to me ...

    "It cries to me of its need."

    "And as I approach it, antennae twitching in anticipation, I see the city for what it is .... "

    ".. A big place, with lots of buildings, and lots of rooftops to jump around on."

    "That's what I do. I'm a superhero."

    "And the city needs me."

    "Destiny is a funny thing."

    "Once I thought I was destined to be emperor of Greenland, sole monarch over its 52,000 inhabitants. Then I thought I was destined to build a Polynesian longboat in my garage."

    "I was wrong then, but I've got it now."

    "I'm the destined protector of this place. I'm this city's superhero."

  16. Not only is he ripping off The Tick, he's using the theme to the Untouchables movie. Get yer own freakin' awesome music, Miller!

    It's probably just filler, but it doesn't make me want to see the Spirit; it makes me want to watch the Untouchables again!

  17. To be fair, nearly all trailers use somebody else's music, because the music for the film proper isn't done yet.