Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Carnival Notes

The POC SF Carnival deadline is April 27th. It'll be on Soaring.

From the original announcement:
The theme, "What I heard about you, and what that meant for me" further addresses the theme of intra-poc/nonwhites relations as touched upon in the PoC in SF Carnival #8. This carnival focuses on the relationships poc and nonwhites have with characters and actors that are of color-nonwhite as well as aliens and magical creatures. The focus will be on science-fiction and fantasy, as well as speculative fiction and all the visual and media arts. Why the visual and other media arts? Because historically, even when the topic wasn't aliens in outer space or magical-and-mysterious creatures, foreigners and strangers decided to call different foreigners and strangers that are poc and nonwhite, aliens. And mysterious. And sometimes magical.

Contact skywardprodigal at gmail dot com.

Also: Both the FSF Carnival and Scientae Carnival come due April 28th.

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