Thursday, January 03, 2008

Quick Check-in

Soranik, Guy, and Kyle
Originally uploaded by Ragnell
Okay, I made one more resolution. I want to try to post daily because I leave this place for too long at a time. (I'm trying a "Watercolor A Day" calender as well, and the prospects for that one don't look any better. I'll give them both a try, though.)

I do have a post idea (I was going to explain which character I hated more than Jade and why) but my first resolution is cleaning my habitat so I'm too busy arranging a make-shift night stand with my shortboxes to do a detailed post. I just wanted to get one done before the day runs out. Here's a picture of my Soranik Natu mini-Barbie repaint (from back in August) instead. I threw in the Guy and Kyle figures for a vacation group photo feel.


  1. When attempting to post daily, YouTube is your friend. Them and cat macro sites. No ideas for a post? LOLrus!

  2. Soranik: "Honey, you're getting your sunscreen all over me..."

    Kyle: "Sorry babe. I'm a pale-white and I'd like to keep it that way. Right, Guy?"

    Guy: "Huh? Yeah. What? Yeah."

  3. Ah...the joy of action figures. Now if they would only come out with a REAL Soranik, I'd be a happy woman. AND Arisia, and Boodikka, and Laira, and Cowgirl, and Carol......!