Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday Night Fights

And... Knockout!


  1. Soranik is really close to becoming one of my favorite Lanterns at this point, behind Kilowog and Kyle. Hell, I think I like her more than Kyle.

  2. Soranik is my personal favorite -- she's got an interesting story and a marketable skill. What's not to love?

    Also, it's hard to put a finger on it, but Soranik generally comes off as pretty gender-neutral, especially in her interactions with Iolande. What I'm getting at is, she isn't written as "girly" (the way women in comics often are, you know what I mean), nor is she written like they're deliberately avoiding "girliness". She's generally portrayed as ... wait for it ... a skilled, complex, and believable person.

    And hey, other anonymous: you're giving anonymii a bad name. Knock off the idiocy before Ragnell decides all Nameless Ones are out to cause trouble. (Some of us simply have so little interest in attribution that even a nickname just don't feel right.)

  3. I remember this fight. I LOVE this fight. She doesn't even use her ring, and Guy never has to lift a finger.

    Pat Gleason gives good fight scenes.