Friday, January 04, 2008

Quiz time!

It was bound to happen eventually. Someone went and made a Lantern quiz with all seven colors.

I got a really good result:

Which Power Ring would come to you?

You have the ability to overcome great fear. Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps. Your ring will guide you to Oa where you will be instructed in the proper use of your newfound powers as Green Lantern of sector 2814.
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Kalinara didn't.

What did she get? Ask Batman:


  1. Oh that's cool. I got blue too, but I think I'm really indigo. Plus they have a staff. I can hit people with it if they don't agree with me about compassion and what good work is.

  2. I am a fellow Green Lantern. Huzzah! Dibs on being Kyle.

    The last few seconds of that JLU clip have gotten 'Frontier Psychiatrist' stuck in my head, however.

  3. I'm a Green too!

    Which kinda surprises me.

  4. I got yellow, but I'm not ashamed of my sociopathic tendencies.

  5. What's wrong with Blue? :( I like the blue lanterns :D

    Green is totally both you and K tho! :D

  6. *sighs*

    *hums "It's not easy being green"*

    I demand a recount!

  7. Blue's the best.

    At least they're not helping to spread fear by killing people.

  8. I'm a green, in spite of trying to be as pragmatic as possible. I WILL do my best to rescue the Universe! Just let me finish lunch first.

  9. Yay! I got a Green Lantern Ring too!

  10. I got Indigo, which I'm pleased about.

    Speak softly and carry a big stick, that's my motto.

  11. I'm apparently green, but to be honest, I'm not wild about the idea of proliferating rings and ring colors. It seems to be a bottomless pit of fanwank in a lot of respects; you could, if you so chose, spend eternity coming up with structures for the various Lantern Corps and symbolism for their rings and never actually get near a story in all that. What about Ultraviolet Lanterns? Infrared Lanterns? Couldn't someone who's emotionally stable and has an integrated personality become a White Lantern? It seems to be a substitute for a story, rather than an aid to one.

    But I could just be grumpy.

  12. You are grumpy. The new colors add some more fuel for stories. I could do without re-hashing of old stories.

    I got Red. I didn't think my answers sounded rage-ma-tastic.

  13. I won't dispute my grumpiness, but I'll point out that the current run doesn't seem to be an alternative to re-hashing old stories, per se. It is pretty much "Sinestro's back again, and this time his Evil goes up to 11! Oh, and he's hanging out with the Anti-Monitor, the Cyborg Superman, Superboy Prime, Parallax..." all of whom are certainly not new by any stretch. And it looks like they're lining up some new Purple Lanterns to follow, which basically means returning Star Sapphire. All of the fleshing-out of the Lantern mythos is, pretty solidly, tied in to what's gone before, just "bigger and louder", as it were. (Which sort of sums up Geoff Johns for me in a nutshell.)

    I'm not saying a Sinestro Corps is a bad idea, I'm just saying that I think any story that re-uses four or more old villains can't be defended as "better than re-hashing old stories." :)

  14. I'm a Green Lantern, but what I really want to do is direct!

  15. I also got the impression that blue was good; isn't that the one founded by Ganthet and whatserbaldface after those fascist assholes on the Guardian council kick them out? I'd choose blue on that alone. And after Ganthet minded the shop all on his on for all that time, too...

  16. I got indigo.

    I guess my years of rescue and hospital work still outweigh my determination to become a crusty curmudgeon.