Sunday, December 30, 2007


Cheer me up, dammit.

Kalinara has been regaling me with a list of unusual fictional properties that people will write male-on-male pornography about, but this just seems to be depressing me more.

(Though if she could find enough Lensmen slash I'd feel a certain justice was served for riddling the space opera genre with sexism. Sure, I probably wouldn't read it. But I want it to exist.)


  1. Space Opera is riddled with sexism? Like the 50s/60s era stuff? Or even modern stuff? Because while Star Wars has its flaws, Princess Leia is still pretty kick-ass. Even if she does have to dance in a metal bikini at one point...

    Also you might like Sherwood Smith & the late Dave Trowbridge's Exordium series...

    As for gay slash, well..honestly I gave up on trawling the adult fanfic sites when I saw how much space was wasted on fandoms I A: didn't care for and B: required some deep, DEEP mining for sub-text to make couples. While fandoms I did enjoy and had slash almost at the text level got ignored...

    Plus of course most of the writers were simply terrible...

  2. ahem - have you read A Companion to Wolves?

    I'm not sure it's main source material really counts as "unusual" since the Pern novels seem fairly ripe for, well, lots of stuff. But it's fun (even if you haven't read the Pern novels), has some male-on-male pornography, and is even interesting!

    (sorry, I just finished it yesterday and have to gush to someone, and hey! you asked!)

  3. No, you don't understand me. I wasn't randomly looking for gay slash.

    I wanted something that would make a particular writer roll over in his grave. I wouldn't ACTUALLY print it out and tuck it under the soil. But the thought that I could cheers me.

    (Yes, I was reading those books again.)

  4. my bad

    although, why would anyone not be looking for gay slash... ;)

    ...and what books?

    because I am obviously very dense tonight

    besides, if I know what the problem is, maybe I can do a better job of cheering you up