Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Seeya later!

I'll be at Wiscon. I've never been there before. I'm imagining tables of women in Star Trek uniforms (from various series) debating the lack of female mad scientists in popular culture. We'll see how close that idea comes.

(I cut off the title to that cover to drive certain readers insane. Don't give it away in the comments.)


  1. I know the book but never bought it. Who is the blue chick in the background?

  2. I think that's supposed to be Black Orchid? I never read it either thought, just got info about it off the web.
    Great cover!

  3. The title of that book?

    All Star Best Freakin' Comic in the Universe #1.

  4. Oh look, Black Orchid's in the back! Haven't seen her in a looooong time. I have NO idea what this cover is to, but it sure is purty.

    Have fun at the convention!

  5. That cover would make a fantastic poster. WANT!

  6. debating the lack of female mad scientists in popular culture.

    My daughters LOOOOVE the Disney Fairies books, and in them all of the fairies have different "Talents" that they base their jobs on -- the Gardening Talent Fairies grow the vegetables and the Pots and Pans Talents built and repair the pots and pans, etc.

    Anyway, my girls have decided that they are "Fairies" too, so each chose a talent based on their own interests.

    My eldest is a "Sewing Talent" fairy because she loves to sew.

    My middle girl is a "Mad Science Talent Fairy" because she wants to be a Mad Scientist when she grows up and loves Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist. As part of her fairy-job, she carries her own "Mad Science Kit" around with her everywhere. It is very cute.

    I think the lack of female mad scientists is due for a generational sea-change after all the little girls who read Franny K. Stein grow up.

  7. Seriously, does anyone know what book this is the cover to?

    Man, I love George Perez. He's been in the game for 30 years, yet his art somehow looks contemporary while being old school. Neat trick. Wonder Woman is the shit, for real!

  8. Yes, we know but we're not telling.

    The wrath of Ragnell is a terrible thing to behold.

  9. @ awb: Hint: the names at the bottom are those of the writer/artist/inker.

    It is an awesome cover. Perez does know how to draw women so they look beautiful and powerful, instead of ridiculous and porned-up.

    Here's hoping Ragnell has fun at Wiscon.

  10. They should so make an ongoing of that team. Only exchange the Orchid for a Canary.

  11. yay! I know and own that issue! Its a shame it was just a one-off, but the interior as I remember is just good fun. Would have been more interesting as a mini-series, may have been less fluffy.
    alex x

  12. Heh. I'm taking a year off from WisCon, mainly because it fits especially poorly into my schedule this year. A bummer, since I would like to see all my WisConny friends. But oh well. Maybe next year.

    Have a good time! WisCon is a great convention.

  13. The cover is driving me insane, because if I saw it at the shop, I'd pick it up in a heartbeat to see if the girls on the cover actually have a team-up adventure, which would be quite awesome.

  14. They should so make an ongoing of that team. Only exchange the Orchid for a Canary.

    Heck, yes!

    Without giving too much away, does anyone know if that jolly little adventure story, together with the related others, was collected in a TPB?

    Having never read the original I'd love to get a collection of the whole lot.

  15. Yeah, as soon as I find out what that title is, I will be tracking it down, because I want it so hard.
    No fair, Ragnell. Dang, what a team-up.

  16. It is the Cover to Justice League was a 5th week JLA event when the JLA members all lost thier memories and all they knew is that they were a member of a group call the JLA andn that the first two works were justice they go and assemble a team of JLAers

    there was the Justice League Aliens, Justice League Arkham, Justice League Atlantis, Justice League Amazon and one other...

    it was kind of shit....

    came out during Mark Waids run on JLA

    -yonatan bryant

  17. debating the lack of female mad scientists in popular culture

    Interesting. I never even thought about that, actually, and I make a conscious effort, in my own little work, to have characters that defy gender and cultural expectations.

    Hmmm. As always, Ragnell makes one think.

  18. the lack of female mad scientists in popular culture

    Agatha Heterodyne from Girl Genius? Not exactly a big presence in the popular consciousness, though.

  19. the lack of female mad scientist sn popular culture

    Well, there's always Pearl Forrester!