Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm Back

Had a blast at Wiscon. Came home to a huge livejournal blowup and 2,573 unread posts on my Bloglines.

So instead I put a police uniform (bought in the dealer's room) on one of my blonde barbies and took a picture of my new Liza Warner Barbie doll.

I also found a discounted Supergirl (Linda Danvers uniform), and a brown-haired blue-eyed barbie, which was a joy because I could never find one as a kid. Now I just need that green-skinned Wicked Witch Barbie.

Actual content should resume as soon as I catch up, or find something that makes me extremely happy or extremely angry. Whichever comes first.


  1. How did the panel go? Hope you had a lovely time.

    Oh, and look! Now you have a Barbie Lady Cop! Devon will be thrilled.

  2. Hi Ragnell,
    Welcome back! I adore your LadyCop. She's Quite Fantastic!

  3. Lady Cop is awesome...but Tomar-Re dancing with the Disney princess is the best.