Saturday, June 02, 2007

Reminder: Why I'm a Pile of Rage and Gristle.

I've finished with the fucking backlog. This happens every time I go away, and every time I slog through days worth of blog posts and grow very greatly annoyed by them. This time was especially bad, because most of them were response posts to already-burning outrages. I've read too damned many of these.

I can tell when someone has read most or all of it and is responding with a thoughtful argument. I can tell when someone has skimmed and is responding in anger. I can tell when someone just looked at the number of links and then decided to shoot their mouth off with their stupid assumptions about what feminists are saying. I've read them all. I've read your rants. I read your whining. I've read your attacks. I've read your defenses. I've read remarkably little joy and humor in the backlog (which is probably why my shoulders and neck ache so much). I find myself with a very short temper, especially for the little fuckers who are making arguments after not having actually read the complaints.

Anyway, I've made three WFA posts today, and I have enough for two more actually. I'm going to sit and spread them out a bit over the weekend. I also managed to get my Wiscon writeup -- Part 1 and Part 2 -- posted, and I've been really wishing I was still there today.

I was going to let you know that I hate you all, but I found this first. The title of that post is wonderful. I remember when I could only find a handful of people regularly blogging about this stuff. Now comics blogs devoted to feminism are fairly prolific. That makes me happy.

As does the Green Lantern spoiler I found earlier.

I still need to relax. I'm going to go find pictures of Green Lantern butts in my back issues now. I don't know when or if substantial content will return to this blog. Just be happy I'm not fighting in your comment sections like a rabid St. Bernard.


  1. Looking at GL butts is ALWAYS a soothing pastime. Happy Hunting!

    The Wiscon panel sounded like it was fun...and raised any number of excellent posts. Like any vacation however, it seems as though you are more exhausted at the end, than before.

  2. Honestly, I have no idea how you manage to do this. :\

    It seems like a HUGE pain :O Esp to read thru all the rly horrible misogynist and terrible things that some ppl say. :(

    I just skip those :(


    I completely appreciate you doing this tho :D I always check WFA for updates :)

  3. Don't be discouraged! Before I started reading WFA links, I knew little about feminism, and now I know tons. Or more than a little, at least. It's made a big difference in my attitudes, especially towards comics. You do a fantastic job!