Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Heroes for Hire #13

I'm going to weigh in on this one before I go on vacation, because there's something important about this (NSFW) cover that I'm not seeing mentioned in the posts.

Look at Black Cat, she's hiding rather than unconscious (see how her left eye is shut?). She's huddled and trying to shrink away from the tentacle. Very vulnerable, very scared, and she's the one with the goo on her chest.

What pisses me off more than anything else (more than the breasts, the tentacles, the for the boys mentality, the blatant disregard of their own rating system) is when you see that, and take this retcon into account.


Fuck you again, Kevin Smith.

And fuck you, Marvel Comics.


  1. Well gosh, isn't that...tasteful? Nothing like upping the ante, Marvel.

  2. That's a very popular look for girls in hentai too :(

    (dun ask >.>)

    But.. yus.. now with that retcon, it's even... worse :(


    Have a good vacation! :D

  3. It's like they deliberately want to marginalise their audience.

  4. But, iz teh haaaawtzorz!

    Yeah, remember back when every comic tried to look like manga?
    I'm pretty sure the people at Marvel just realized that hentai makes a LOT of money

    "Joey Q: How can we capitalize on this x-treeeeeme new fad?"

    "Marvel Goon: What about Colleen Wing? She's hot, japanese and in a team with other 3 hot chicks, let's have them fight a tentacle monster"

    "JQ: :-D"

    Comming next from the House of Ideas: lolicon starring Katie Power

  5. Maybe Marvel should rechristen itself the "House of BAD Ideas", because they seem to be having a lot of them lately.

  6. Detective #823 was like that cover, only on damn near every page. If Poison Ivy had been wearing plaidJapanese schoolgirl outfit, it would've been hentai.
    What the hell kind of demographic are Marvel and DC looking for? The BTK Killer is behind bars.

  7. Oh, quit complaining. Nobody is forcing you to buy it. It´s just a damn comic. This is why us feminists aren´t respected anymore. Because fat lesbian bitches like you complain about EVERYTHING.

  8. Us Feminists? "Fat lesbian bitches complain about EVERYTHING"?

    Quesada, is that you?

  9. I know this comment is a bit late, especially as it's in regards to the post you linked to.

    I've read about the "Rape of Wonder Woman" thing too. Aside from the fact that actually doing that would be tasteless and insulting, there's still a nagging question to that potential storyline: who did they plan on having the rapist be? I mean, she's one of the powerful people on Earth.

  10. Yes, everyone drones on and on and on and on... etc. about "OMGZ! MAVREL IZ DE TENTACUL RAEP!!!1" Did anyone actually READ that issue, or were you too fixated on the cover to actually open up a fucking book? Was there any inkling of suggestion in the plot or dialogue that suggested rape? No. Was anyone in the book raped? No, unless you count Humbug, and who's going to speak up for his rights (Oh, I forgot, double standards don't count with bitchy censor-tards)? Was there a tentacle monster? No, there was a Brood, and I would think the razor sharp teeth would probably be a little more frightening. My point being, who cares if the cover was mildly sexual? MILDLY being an overstatement. You would think drool and cleavage wouldn't be a problem, since it happens daily on the Spanish Channels on basic television. You people need to stop taking comic books so seriously. I can't believe that I'M the one who has to say this to someone else.

  11. Anon -- Thanks for still deigning to grace us with your opinion even though you can't be bothered to read the complaints.

  12. dude shut the fuck up

    so what if there bound women being tied and have a change to be raped by tentacles,i bought the comic for the cover and loved it, not all superheroes are aimed to dumbass stupid kids.

    and let me tell you that the only feminist that complain are nothing more than old consevative fat ass women and possibly fags like that dummass of linkara. stop complaining to much your ruining our fun with comics with your crappy ass complains.

  13. Aw. Isn't it darling!

    Just as a public service announcement on Ragnell's behalf, the preceding comment was posted on August 01, 2010.