Sunday, May 20, 2007

About that hamper distinction.

I swore I'd do that 50 Things meme Kalinara set up, but before I do I just have to ask about the hamper thing in the MJ discussion.

We've established that yes it is a hamper rather than a washtub. That still means this statue shows Mary Jane doing Peter's laundry. How exactly does that invalidate all the complaints that she's doing menial housework chores for her husband? Does this even count as a Bad Reasons fallacy? The basic premise is still true, a slight detail was mistaken.


  1. Since when are laundry baskets solid?

    I guess since the people depicting them have apparently never used one.

    I refuse to apologize for making logical assumptions based on other people's idiocy. Especially when the question is how an image will be perceived. Most people will not see that tiny thing with no holes as a laundry basket. Because most people have actually had to schlepp laundry at some point in their life. So most people will see exactly what I saw.

    So, Bad Reasons my ass.

    Arguing that it's a hamper and not a washtub is pretty much equivalent to saying "but I wasn't trying to be demeaning!" Which is never, ever, the point.

  2. If you look at the original Hughes art (which is kinda cute) you could interpret it as her finding the dirty costume in the laundry basket and smiling at the unseen audience with an "oh, that Peter!" look... but yeah, it's still implying she's going to be doing the wash.

  3. In most households, menial tasks are split between participants to achieve greater work. As a child I was expected to do such things as laundry, cleaning bathrooms and such. As an adult, I do a good portion of the cooking, cleaning of the bathroom, and we usually do the laundry together due to the amount.

    I understand that you believe that if they are going to do a statue of Mary Jane, it's incredibly stupid to do one of her doing housework. She's appeared in hundreds of comic book stories, and there should be ones that are more empowering. The previous MJ Statue was a much better attempt at getting her pre-wedding personality across. It shows her in her classic "You Hit the Jackpot" pose.

    This statue attempts to get her post-wedding, current continuity personality across. The original art as stated by the blogger above me is more about the moment shared between 2 people who have lived together for awhile. I love the original art. It makes me think of the cute little jokes that my partner and I play on each other, that are one part I love you and one part I pranked my best friend. Hughes nails that in MJ's Smirk. It doesn't matter that she is sexy, because we are supposed to see her from the eyes of a man who loves her with his entire heart.

    The statue fails in displaying this and becomes like some greg land/greg horn art where you lose all of the emotion. It's not even that sexy considering the true sexiness is in the context of Peter playing a trick on MJ.

    I find that the most disappointing part of the whole entire thing. It would have been a much more interesting piece.

  4. I don't think that many people *did* mistake it for a washbucket, actually. I knew it was a laundry basket all along, because I'd seen the original picture by Hughes. (I just figured it was impossible to 'sculpt' the usual type of laundry basket, the type that Hughes drew.)

    She's still *doing* the laundry, though. That's why there's a huge bottle of LAUNDRY DETERGENT at her feet.

    MJ is clearly in the process of doing the laundry. Peter's clothes are in the laundry basket. How hard is that to process?

  5. Yeah, what Livia said. Most of the blogs and comments that I read noticed from the start that it was a hamper, not a washing basket. Still doesn't change anything. And still makes it doubly hilarious when someone shows up with an "OMG YOU GUYS WERE SO WRONG IT'S A HAMPER YOU IDIOTS NEVER NOTICED!!!"

  6. I saw the laundry detergent and assumed that she was doing laundry >.>;;;

    Even if it's a hamper, she's still doing it right? XD What's the detergent doing there? o_O;;;

    Whoever made the statue, put it there on purpose to imply that laundry was being done. *nods*