Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cake Appreciation Week Continues!

Dust devils cypress
Ripening fruit
Ascending quick
Into the author's bathroom

*Ahem* Sorry, wrong Cake. I meant Beefcake/Cheesecake Appreciation Week.

I just ranted about this artist, but it's unfair to read Guilty Pleasures and not share, so here it is. Aubrey, as drawn by Brett Booth.

(Click for a bigger picture, as usual)


  1. Don't know if you've got your whole lineup planned, but anything from Colleen Doran for this feature?

    She draws very pretty men...

  2. I'm all for making next week CAKE appreciation week. I can re-link to my Lois Lane anthem post, since I prefer their rendition of "I Will Survive" over the original.

  3. Brett Booth has always been an artist who strives to include as much beefcake as cheesecake into his work. His website appears to be down, but there used to be a few male nudes on his gallery pages that were quite nice.

  4. We know of an ancient radiation
    That haunts dismembered constellations
    A faintly glimmering
    Radio Station...

  5. Great Caesar's Ghost! That's one fine looking specimen of a man (or vampire). I may have to pick that one up, if that's the sort of eye candy inside.

    Here's my Friday contribution to the week, B/CAW Part V or The Legion's 2 for 1 Coma-ploitation.

  6. Lis -- I don't have any samples. :(

    steven -- :)

    Dorian -- You wouldn't have the link for that when it comes back up, would you?

    Sinspired -- While Frank Sintra sings Stormy Weather...

    QL -- Oooh!