Monday, October 16, 2006

Memes you shouldn't answer while drunk.

Spencer unearthed an old Random Panels meme, and set out a challenge.

I have used the linked meme-machine to illustrate the most natural concept that comes to mind -- A Bearded Nun from Outer Space.

The Holy Feathered Order of Azjeeckle centers around a single convent on Tiricia VII. This convent is a training school that teaches spiritual discipline, character building, holy combat skills, and the arts of Tirican Energy Manipulation. One of their final vows is to leave the convent for several years to put these skills towards for the good of society. After a certain period of time, the survivors return to teach others these skills.

Sister Bluebeard has just left the convent for the first time in her life. She heads for the bright lights Baluzrom City, accompanied only by her wits, her weapons, and a Born-Again demonic cat.

(ETA: Yeah, I left a lot skin showing. I liked the skin template with the bandages and the cuts to much to cover it.)


  1. God bless Sister Bluebeard and may the space caterpillars of Yorlon 9 forever guide her nunchucks.

    Getit. NUN-chucks. HA!

    Please kill me.

  2. Flying kitties?! I fucking love me some flying kitties!!

  3. Niiiice wings on the cat. And Brandon? For shame! *snicker*