Monday, October 16, 2006

I haven't read through closely yet.

They're up.

On first glance:
-- No Wonder Woman. It looks like bimonthly meant delays like the one that moved issue three to November, and issue four to December push books back an extra month anyway!
-- No Green Lantern mainbook.
-- No Firestorm.

-- We get another Green Lantern Showcase. The issue with Katma Tui's first appearance will be inside!!!
-- Best case scenario, the cover to Manhunter means that Judd Winick's not working at DC anymore, if I remember the man's words correctly. Most likely, it's them playing around.
-- Captain Comet is still Captain Comet in the solicits!


  1. No Supergirl, either...though since October's issue got bumped back to the middle of November, maybe htey're just trying to catch up

  2. I checked the DC site and didn't see Justice League, either. Quite a few titles seem to be missing. And I don't want any of the newly announced action figures, either. :(

  3. Gotta be playing around. It's too soon to be anything but shenanigans.


  4. Well, if they're publishing an issue in December and it's bi-monthly, that would make sense.

  5. Evan -- That bimonthly annmouncement's out the window, given that #3's been pushed to November.

  6. Looks like they're at least making a push to get some good sales for Manhunter.

    Maybe for #28 cover, they could have Kate in the foreground, while behind them Batman and Superman are engaged in a passionate kiss! (The story itself doesn't have to reference the cover at all.)

  7. Yeah, Rob just told me about the cover for Manhunter #27. I took three guesses and lost. :)

    I have no idea what's going on in the interior, as he's received neither boards nor script pages yet, so sorry, no secrets to reveal from this end!

  8. Happy to see Ted, sad to NOT see
    Green Lantern. *sob*