Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wonder Woman in JLA

Just read the Newsarama-Brad Meltzer interview. Sleestak is wrong about Meltzer. He can too write Wonder Woman.
Q: Have to ask, is the fact that Diana doesn't like Nightwing her feelings or Dan DiDios?

She's making a joke. Really. Read it again.
He actually let her make a joke. Anyone who lets Wonder Woman make a joke goes up in my estimate.

Oh, and he's the one who restored her to her proper place in continuity.
Q: Can you speak to the JLA history retcon, where Diana is now a founder of the Justice League again now? Was this your request? Or DC's?

Mine. And it worked with DC's plan.
I don't care that he likes Polar Boy. Polar Boy's sweet and funny. Anyone who knows Diana is all right by me.

(Speaking of which, DC, why don't you let Beau Smith write Wonder Woman? Read the first part of this week's column, he clearly wants the job. Come on. You're juggling anyway, and I bet for once the book'd come out on time!)


  1. I'm not sure how I missed that Wonder Woman piece the first time around, but I'd like to make one tiny corrrection: Donna Troy was never Wonder Woman's sidekick.

    It's true when Wonder Girl first appeared she would occasionally interact with Wonder Woman, but since she was the teenage version of Diana, I'm not sure you can be your own sidekick. By the time she was defined as a different person and given the name Donna Troy she had already been retconned out of Wonder Woman history.

    She did eventually get some backstory that involved her hanging out on Paradise Island, though she's had more origins than Power Girl (and yet no one calls her a bimbo) so I'm a bit vague on what now officially happened during this period, but as far as I know she never went adventuring with Diana or did anything that would qualify her as a sidekick.

  2. Marionette: I see what you're saying, but one has to look at continuity retroactively.

    Sure Wonder Girl never interacted with Wonder Woman when she was little Diana. But once she was placed in a contemporary time period as the adult Diana and made into a different character, one must imagine that the characters crossed paths before. And that Diana, meeting this young girl emulating her, would have taken a mentor role.

    Not to mention she ended up on a team with actual sidekicks all with similar JLA ties to Wonder Woman. So Wonder Woman could scarcely not have known about her. The equating between her relationship to Diana and Robin's with Batman, or Kid Flash's with Flash's is unavoidable.

    Besides, Wonder Woman's relationship with Cassandra Sandsmark (as well as to a lesser extent Vanessa Kapitelis) certainly implies that a Wonder Woman active at the founding of the JLA would have taken the younger girl in as a sidekick. It's only logical.

  3. Dear lord... do you know what this means?

    If Diana has been around Since Year One... and by that token Donna has too...

    They're going to have to change Donna's origin story YET AGAIN!!!!

  4. If it helps, WW #1 implies that they are just changing it back.

  5. Steve, that's too easy. They've got too much invested in Donna as the new Harbringer (I think...) for them to just go back to "She was Wonder Woman's sidekick...and now she's grown up." They need that whole conveluted mess for Donna's current status, as I understand it, to make any sense...


  6. I agree, Ragnell. Any continuity in which WW didn't help found the JLA is twisted, perverted and Bizarro.