Friday, July 21, 2006

I am Shocked.

I greatly surprised to see this in Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #4, on a story credited to none other than Jim Balent.

Yes, that is Jim Balent of Catwoman and Tarot fame, drawing a woman with a reasonable bra size.

Granted, that's still over a C-Cup (which means Jade is technically supposed to be an A or B), but hey, it's within the realms of probability. Normally he stays in the 4D+ range.


  1. GRRRAAAAAH! Grundy doesn't like C-Cups! Grundy likes big boobies! Grundy punches green girl's boobies and make them grow! Ha Ha Ha, Grundy said boobies!

    Honestly, what the heck is going on in that panel?

  2. Bat -- click on it so you can read the narrative (this is a panel from the 90s, remember, the art isn't expected to tell the story on its own).

  3. Ah, OK. Didn't notice Grundy was actually helping Jade in that panel. Still... it looks like he doesn't trust her chest, though.

  4. Apropos of absolutely nothing you mention, but my Comic-Con booth has been located across from Jim Balent's all weekend and a more pleasant, friendly, outgoing, enthusiastic mainstream pro I haven't seen in a long time: happily posing for photos all day long, dashing off sketches, autographing eagerly, gracefully critiquing portfolios, and shooting the breeze with your little stuffed truly. His wife Holly is funny, outrageous, friendly and pleasant as well. I even got to see the very delightful video of their wedding!

    I know this does not at all not should not change anyone's opinion of his art style or what's going on in that panel, but hey, just judging from what I've seen--Jim Balent: class act in my book.

  5. Bully -- Yeah, I've heard he was a nice guy too, but I just couldn't resist this.