Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Quick Links

Hey Alaska! Marvel as your Senator explains how the Internet works. (Hattip Techsploitation)

For Men: An excerpt from a book on sexual violence.

I'd totally redo his office in Garish Pink.

The Quick and Easy Guide to Not Writing Stereotypes

If you read independant comics, Kevin Smith thinks you're ugly.

Can I have a new banner, Chris, with guess-which-phrase on it?

DC in October Solicitations are up.

Tom Bondurant on Star Trek.

The Feminist Blogosphere is stuck on sex again.

"Hi, My Name Is Steve, And I'm A Sperm Carrier. May I Impregnate You?"

Salon examines the mentality behind Snakes on a Plane fandom.

Sufferin' Sappho!

Fanthropology plays with Elseworlds.

On Feminist_Fandom, they're discussing why the Responsible One tends to be The Girl.

At Feminist SF: The Blog, there's a post outlining some of the feminism highlights from this monster conversation on the meaning of feminism, testosterone, mechanical aptitude, SUVs, language origins, and knitting.

And this post on Obeisance Anxiety is interesting, too.

And I have linked to Nitroglycerin before, haven't I? Either way, Agreeable Comics.


  1. My favorite bit from all the links: From the Kevin Smith one...

    # Ragnell Says:
    07/17/06 at 8:01 pm

    This is too early, we’re not finished with Quesada yet.


  2. Personally, I think everyone is getting a little over-sensitive about Smith's comment.

    He's refering to the stereotype and saying that someone does not fit it. That's a GOOD thing, right? I mean, since when is acknowledging the stereotype's exitence the same as stereotyping?

    I mean, all he said is that the conventional wisdom is women don't read comics, especially attractive women. All while he is talking in glowing terms about a woman who is not the usual.

  3. Pish. Everyone knows the *hot* women read Superhero comics.

  4. Starman -- I just can't pass up a chance to take a cheap shot at the guy who directed "Gigli."

  5. Ummm... Kevin Smith didn't direct Gigli.

  6. My mistake (as I've been making them all over recently) -- Meant that bad one with Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler in it.