Friday, June 02, 2006

Ten Advantages to Being a Buxom Lipstick Lesbian in the DC Universe

(Under the category of "Signs you're enjoying a concept way too much" I bring you something truly offensive)

10 -- Green Lantern's High Lover-to-Lesbian Turnover Rate
9 -- Always invited to Harley Quinn's slumber parties, no matter what side of the law you operate on
8 -- Not in danger of Green Lantern Curse, as that Doctor Lady rarely leaves Oa
7 -- Bruce says Wonder Woman likes the Batsuit
6 -- Completely immune to inexplicable charms of Green Arrow
5 -- Can always count on a date with a cop or two
4 -- Lady Shiva is easily confused in this area
3 -- Wonder Woman's Mother due for resurrection, pretty sure she swings both ways
2 -- The New Catwoman is currently seeing someone, but Major Force is in town next week
1 -- Themiscyra

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