Monday, April 10, 2006

Wierd Searches

How did I get a hit for "winnipeg sluts"?


  1. Fifteen people went to the Siren after Googling for "Emily's Reasons Why Not" last night. At the same time. Point is, the internet? It is ridiculous.

  2. Um.. it's because of me. I get quite a few hits from that search term. I'm in Winnipeg, and apparently at some point I had the word "sluts" (in a different context, I swear!)in a blogpost.

    Was there a "comments conversation" on weird search terms that turn up our blogs? Because that is my go-to crazy search answer, which I may have shared here.

    My other most-loved search term? "Self suckers". God those people must be disappointed when they get to my comics and Doctor Who blog.

    So, sorry then.