Monday, April 10, 2006

The Flash is Starting to Scare Me II


  1. Why do I suddenly feel like I have a broken leg and a telescope?

  2. Yeah, this is *totally* Rear Window. I want to know what that hatchet wielding maniac is saying...

  3. Dunno what he's saying, but he's giving someone the thumbs up.

    For justice.

  4. Heheheheh. I can't believe I'm finding domestic violence innuendo funny. I'm a terrible terrible person.

  5. I can do this all day:

    "Hey look at my new hatc-- HOLY SHIT! Somebody get her epilepsy medication!"

    "Hahaha! Thats one way to get an annulment!"

    "You can come out now Joan I killed the Thinkers android. Joan?"

    "You oil my hat! Not wax! OIL!"

    "Alright on three you move and I'll chop it's head off!"

    "Hey Bob, you think if we chop'em up we can get three in'a bag?"

  6. Just out of curiosity, when was this issue published? Something interesting that I learned in my history class recently was that, during the Depression, maltreatment of women was sort of glorified, even thought of as humorous: men felt weak and defensive since they had nothing else to do but stay at home while their wives maybe could have gotten work (in department stores, restaurants, taking in laundry or something). It was a way of empowering men, I guess, but very sick and twisted.

  7. Ick. I think I'll put off purchasing any Golden Age Flash archives...