Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What's notable about this panel?

Here's a hint.


  1. Hm.

    Jimmy Olsen wearing leather pants. Old men staring at his ass in amusement. Cowboy hats a'plenty.

    All very normal.


    It doesn't contain Hal Jordan either (a) getting hit in the head or (b) acting like a jerkass?

  2. Before he became President, George W. Bush appeared as a background character in Jimmy Olsen Comics?

  3. Where's the Jimmy Olsen story where he was brutally beaten by thugs and no one gave a damn?

    I'm pretty sure I read that a while ago, or dreamed it.

  4. I didn't notice the background character (as methane pointed out) I thought It was more an allusion to Dubya transforming his persona to that of a laid-back country boy in order to win over the hearts of the more ignorant amongst the american voting public.

    In which case, I say BRAVO!