Sunday, June 12, 2011

September Green Lantern Covers

They've released the cover for the John and Guy book. Look at all the Lanterns who made it through the reboot:

I'm pleased to see Soranik, Brik, and Arisia still around. Less pleased to see Arisia's costume still around, but what can you do?

And I can't remember all the names for the guys on Kyle's new team but I've narrowed down everyone but the Star Sapphire. (Because the Star Sapphires all conveniently look alike in silhouette.)

Spiraling from Kyle in the center, we have the reptilian yellow lantern who fought Kilowog in Sinestro Corps War climax (Akrillo, thank you!), Bleez (thankfully, she avoids being drawn by Ed Benes), the Indigo Lantern who showed up on Oa during Blackest Night, Glomulus the orange lantern, a Star Sapphire and Saint Walker.

The Star Sapphire silhouette does not look like Miri, unless her redesign has really lengthened her hair and changed her headdress. Because Kyle is the sort of person who puts together a team of people he knows and trusts, Miri would be his most likely pick. Second most likely? Actually Fatality, since he knows her and can predict her and is kind of a sucker. That would also make the best drama. Then Carol, based on Hal's recommendation.

It doesn't look like Miri, and I don't think Johns is giving up Carol Ferris to Tony Bedard. Silhouette-wise, that character looks like Dela Pharon (the blonde version) to me. But again, all of the Star Sapphires are nearly impossible to tell apart in silhouette. If I wanted the most volatile team possible? Fatality, so she's probably the one there.

Either way, this book just went up on my want list from this image alone.


  1. I hope it's Fatality. I always liked Fatality, and she'd definitely bring Teh Drama.

  2. The Indigo Lantern was named as Munk during Blackest Night and yeah, Fatality makes sense.

  3. I'm just noticing the entire warm side of the spectrum is effectively mute (Bleez is nearly incoherent from her ring's influence, Glomulus was a monosylabic moron before Larfleeze ate his brain, and Arkillo's tongue was ripped out by Mongul). Given that Munk speaks only in riddles and Saint Walker only in platitudes, seems like the only possible character development is between Kyle and the Star Sapphire.

    This does not encourage me. I was looking forward to watching the strong personalities from Brightest Day interact; with the hot-blooded ones muzzled, there doesn't seem to be much to see here. And I was really looking forward to monthly Sinestro.

    – Jack of Spades

  4. My guess is Fatality, but I could certainly be wrong. That's a nice cover with Guy and John, though.