Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And now, a lesson in avoiding the question.

Comic Alliance interview with Bob Harras and Eddie Berganza:
CA: I had heard a rumor that after the relaunch that all the female characters would involve pants, although the recent Supergirl costume change seems to debunk that. Was there any consideration given to changing the costumes, particularly in terms of the disproportionately large amount of skin exposed on female characters in comparison with male characters?

EB: We looked at every hero, analyzing what's realistic within the realm of wearing a costume. Now, more and more people are being exposed to them on film. Look at what Green Lantern's wearing. Really, the sky's the limit. And that's not limited to gender. It's about what makes practical sense for a hero to put on.

CA: Sure, but I think that we all know that costumes for female heroes are significantly more revealing in terms of skin. Was there ever a conversation about have a more equal and proportionate approach to men and women's costumes?

BH: All the characters were looked at... That was across the board for all the 52 [new comics]. So I don't know where the pants thing came from because it was a very comprehensive look at what we were doing in September.

EB: And for Hawkman, we kept the shirt off.

They do the same dancing when it comes to the timeline too.


  1. What the heck does the Green Lantern movie have to do with it? As far as I can see, Hal's completely covered up.

    They did manage to not answer at all, didn't they?

  2. They are the Masters of Misdirection. Top Notch work.

  3. I was actually more confused about the reboot after that interview than I was before. I think Jill Pantozzi's interview with Gail Simone was much more informative in spite of her being unable to go into too much detail without giving away too much. But when you read between the lines there is some interesting stuff there.

  4. No, if they were MASTERS of misdirection, then nobody would have noticed that they'd been misdirected.

  5. I'm really not someone who usually feels strongly about superheroine costumes (fact is, skin sells, and that'll always end up trumping other concerns) but there's one element of this new Supergirl costume I just can't believe. Instead of the standard over-underwear or hotpants or whatever they're called, she has an S shield in that spot, which sounds like a perfectly reasonable idea. But the way it doesn't go all the way around, combined with the inherent pointing shape... didn't anyone at DC think it looked like a big "crotch here" sign?

    Okay, now that I've typed it up, that sounds stupid. Maybe it's just me. But that part of the costume really strikes me as tasteless.