Friday, February 04, 2011

Place your bets, folks

By way of Let's Be Friends Again comes this bit of Brightest Day:

Well, Roy Harper is back on drugs, Wonder Woman's mother died in flames, Aquaman is short a hand and according to Chris Haley, they're planning to do Eclipso vs the DCU again. (And don't get smug, Marvel, what with offing a member of the Fantastic Four and taking us to a dystopian timeline where the X-men never existed.) So now's the time to speculate on what's next in the Brightest Day Event. Is it...

1) Wonder Woman loses her friend in a very special issue.

2) A Big Time Demon calls the crummiest villains in the universe together to offer them new power.

3) The Justice League finds that having wiped the memory of an enemy was a bad idea.

4) Hal Jordan hosts Parallax and/or the Spectre again.

5) The Flash is put on trial for murder. (ETA: Oops, they just did this one.)

6) Dark Seid versus the Legion of Super-Heroes.

7) Guy Gardner goes into a coma, and comes out with the mentality of a 14-year-old boy.

8) Supergirl sprouts wings of flame.

9) The skies turn red and a mysterious white nothingness advances menacingly on our heroes.

10) This issue: Superman DIES.


  1. I don't know if you knew, but the Flash was already put in trial for murder recently in the new series. Also, it was in the future.

  2. Matt -- I knew, but hadn't thought of it.

  3. My kids are much smarter than me (I should get that put on a t-shirt) and my son's take on this is that the White Lantern / Universal Source of Life Energy hasn't given them a new life, rather it has given them their old life all over again.
    Mark B

  4. If I were Bruce Wayne, I'd be watching my back...LITERALLY.

  5. All of the above as well... plus a few character come back from the dead oh..wait they DID that with The Flash, Batman...etc..-ealperin