Monday, February 07, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kalinara!

So, today is Kalinara's birthday, and I've been racking my head for a gift.

Maybe she'd like a Guy Gardner: Warrior figurine?

Hmm... doesn't look to be for sale. Ooo, how about an ice sculpture?

Naw, that might get dusty. Maybe I should be more creative. Set up an event, like a visit from a relative who hasn't lived nearby for a while.

That could backfire. Back to traditional gifts. Umm... Everybody likes guns?

On second thought, that looks complicated.

Hmm... OH! I know! She just got a new cat. I'll get her a kitty bed, just like...

Or not.

Y'know what? Think I'll buy her some ice cream next time we get together. Yeah. That's it.