Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Poor Marketing

Young Justice preview clip from DC Women Kicking Ass.

While I didn't take to the boys in the pilot, I had some hope I'd like Miss Martian. Sadly, I haven't had a chance to see the second episode and from it's promo added to this one I'm not sure why. I mean, look at this. They are on a "stealth mission." Martians have telepathy, invisibility, intangibility, and shapeshifting. They are sneak-machines. Miss Martian has all of these cool powers she can use in a scene like this.

They decide, instead of showing us how cool her abilities are, to take a second to tell us she likes Superboy's ears. In the last promo, Kid Flash talked about how attractive she was. This is clearly the most interesting part of the character to the writers. When given thirty seconds to showcase their team, they decide twice to focus on Miss Martian's romantic aspect. I've seen one image of her flying and maybe having blown something up, and that is only after they spent more time having Kid Flash talk about how hot she is.

So, with all the powers that a Martian has, which is everything Superman has plus telepathy and shapshifting... the coolest thing they think Miss Martian does is crush on Superboy.

This promo, and the other one, send a pretty clear message that this character is boring as shit and I shouldn't a half hour on the off chance that I might like her.

"But Raaaaagnell! You shouldn't judge a TV show by it's advertising!" Well, why the fuck not? This is what THEY think is the most enticing footage from the next episode, why should I assume there's anything different in the rest?


  1. Absolutely right. Whoever said "never judge a book by its cover" hadn't the foggiest idea what a cover was for. If the advertising doesn't sell it then it doesn't deserve to be sold.

    Just ask Skoda.

  2. I DID watch the second ep and if this one is anything like it then the reason Miss M's not well-showcased in this clip is that she's probably going to pull some sneaky surprise maneuver and they want to save it AS a surprise. Also, it's probably a clip from the first 2 minutes. So it isn't necessarily what the producers think is the ep's most enticing moment.

    Not saying the show's perfect. I would trade it away for another Batman:Brave and the Bold season or three in a heartbeat. But Ep 2 was better than that other promo clip would indicate.

    By the way, she also has telekenesis on the show. So essentially she's the most powerful member of the group.

  3. Unfortunately, she doesn't have all those powers. In Ep 2, she said she can't be intangible, that it's an "advantanced technique". Also, she can't do male shapeshifting very well, showcasing female versions of Robin and Kid Flash. She did manage a full Red Tornado, but I don't know if that counts as he's robotic.

    Right now they're playing her as the extremely naive girl, the one who tries just a little too hard to do the right thing and will make a mess of it before finally setting things right. She can take lead and be creative, but it looks like only if it's her episode to really do so.

  4. The motif for the group's powers seems to be that they're not as fully developed as their adult counterparts' due to youth and/or inexperience. Thus we have a Miss Martian who can't go intangible, a Superboy who can't fly or use vision powers, and a Kid Flash who can't vibrate without getting a bloody nose.

    One of the weaknesses of ep 2 was the by-the-numbers "rookie has to prove himself/herself" storyline. She really didn't mess up more than the others (uh, folks, would it have killed you to have at least one member try to sneak up BEHIND Twister?). Her initial conclusion re: Twister was perfectly logical. But the reactions of both MM and the others to this error seemed too stock.