Thursday, August 21, 2008

It wasn't even one of my funnier statements.

To distract myself from having to wait on the latest issue of Captain America (if you spoil this before my comics package arrives in the mail, I'll make you pay) I chose to spend my sparse spare time this evening being a dick in Kalinara's comment section.

I know, I know, but I had to say something.  It started out as a good idea but I couldn't wrap it up properly. It was a weak insult, so was I surprised when I managed to get an entire country of Germany insulted as a response.
Have fun in Germany. Considering the foul and hateful-minded person you are, you ought to fit right in with the cournty that helped to spawn a certain other well-known loud-mouthed and hateful jerk.
Ahh, the sweet smell of Godwin in the morning. It smells like a fool who doesn't have a point left to argue.


  1. Whats Godwin have to do with Uwe Boll? I mean SOME nation has to pay for Postal and Alone in the Dark...

  2. Huh. Now he's claiming he meant Boll. AND playing the MartyrTroll card...

  3. Spoken like a man who's never been to a biergarten. You'll feel more like family there than with your actual family, I swear.

  4. Wait wait wasn't Digitalfemme's solution to the problem of harassment at auxiliary con-related events to NOT GO THERE because of packs of big strong harassholes?


    (Not to mention that one, violence is not generally a great answer, two, it is not always an option for a victim and THREE, we have somewhat recently been shown that often a gal will be PUNISHED BY BYSTANDERS FOR FIGHTING BACK ARGH.)

    Gah, people need to think more.

  5. The things that go on when I'm not around! This guy DID seem to go postal rather suddenly, and it seemed to be JUST a tad presumptuous to sneer at an entire country.

    So...just how IS Germany?

  6. Might be, might not be. He certainly has some of the same stylistic quirks at any rate. :-)

  7. He does seem to be able to spell for one thing.

  8. Lisa should have told him "Fuck off. SCHNELL!"