Sunday, August 17, 2008


I am on the plane in less than two hours, and I have neglected to buy one comic from my pull list before leaving the fucking continent.  And it's one I wanted to read.  :(

Now I'll have to wait.


  1. Of COURSE it's the one the one that you most wanted to read. That seems to be the way that these things work out. I DO hope that you can get your books while in Germany.

    Have Fun!

  2. Sorry to hear you're comic deprived! I hope you're still enjoying your trip. Perhaps you'll be able to find an English language comics shop in Germany?

  3. Yeah, the initials are GLC. :(

  4. Ok, let me know if you figure out how to get comics in Germany. Worst case, scenario, I'll make this offer. At cost, I'll mail you the ones I get- which coincides with some of your list I think. Least I can do since you and Kal were the ones who got me into comics, even if we don't always agree ^_^.