Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 24th, 2008

I have to confess to having written off since they got their mascot back a few months ago.  I'd had hopes for Project Girl Wonder as a test run to see how much influence they could gain over the Powers That Be but rather than move on from their victory to other projects most Spoiler-advocates seemed to take the resurrection as a malicious way to circumvent giving them exactly what they wanted (it was a way of avoiding giving them exactly what they wanted, but I don't believe it was malicious).  Rather than realize the pull they had they took it as Dan Didio laughing at them and collectively sulked.

As a Green Lantern fan who watched them lobby for ten years to get a major character morally cleared I was actually pretty disgusted with the organization.  As I saw it this was a major victory and they were going to squander it because it wasn't precisely what they wanted!  They didn't realize how vicious an enemy Perfect was when it came to Good.  I think if I hadn't had real life issues to distract myself with I'd have lost my temper and alienated the whole lot.

But rather than take the wind from the organization's sails as it initially appeared, the move by DC has managed to give them a chance to refocus their efforts on more substantial projects.

And no, that's not a swing at Steph-fans.  I understand the point of Project Girl Wonder, but it was a quest for an entirely symbolic gesture.  You have to admit that despite working in graphic literature and being buried in symbolism from it's customers to its CEOs the comics industry doesn't seem to understand the abstract very well.  That's most likely why DC went and one-upped the request.  They probably figured it would make these fans happy without giving them exact creative control (because giving masses of fans exact creative control would be disastrous in this industry).  Concrete efforts are what get you the respect.

But Friday, when we were all bickering and whining over John's call to action, the Board at were acting and building a resource for anyone who wants to make their local convention as well as SDCC safer.

And today they've unveiled a map for locating female-friendly comic book stores, which for me personally may prove to be an invaluable resource if its kept current.  (I imagine some shops are going to gain and lose status a few times, but when you move to a new area or even have lived in an area for a while with little luck it really helps to have a place to start.)

I can't say I ever got behind the initial project, as I'm not much of a Batman fan and I despised the Spoiler character to begin with.  I mostly hoped they'd use it as a jumping off point for bigger and better things, which they have.  That makes me enormously happy, and I may even break down and buy a tee-shirt.

But I urge everyone to look at, use, and add to these resources as they can.  Keep them strong because whatever you may think of the initial Project Girl Wonder and symbolic efforts, these are concrete resources that have enormous potential to do good in the industry.

Anyway, that's my attempt at an apology. Sorry for doubting you, Girl Wonders, I was wrong.


  1. From the reactions to G-W I had heard from the DC Editorial at a few conventions, I didn't think it was too much of a surprise, after I'd gotten over the shock. :)

    We still haven't talked about it on Four Color Heroines. The timing has been bad. But I can't wait to...

  2. And you see, I was particularly piqued by the sulking, because I thought the solution in the actual book was better than the memorial case idea, as it addressed the vociferous concerns of the valuable (but non-existent)

  3. I...never saw Girl Wonder whine about not getting exactly what they wanted. And I am a member of the forum. All I saw when Steph came back was celebrating. I honestly have no freaking idea where you got that any of us sulked.

    I could link you to the threads about Steph's return there if you like. I started them. There was no sulking, lots of intelligent discussion.

  4. *Well, I didn't start the second one.

  5. i don't really want a "girl wonder" case in the bat cave, because she was a stupid character. putting her case in the batcave dillutes the importance of jason todd's case. then again, resurrecting jason todd dillutes the importance of jason todd's case. still, i want to preserve some level of coolness, and lets face it, "girl wonder" was retarded. there is a reason she died almost immediately, and a reason she's not robin one really liked it.

  6. Nevermore -- I saw a ton of whining on livejournal communities and livejournals from supporters. Enough that two happy threads and the occasional scattered happy blogpost doesn't override it. And no, not naming names. Those were immediate reactions and there's no reason to start a fight over them.

    Congratulations on the new writing gig, by the way.

    Anon -- Kindly fuck off, thanks.

  7. Nevermore, even though WFA was on hiatus during most of that time, I know I definitely saw some sulking. Heck, pretty sure I linked some on Newsarama at the time as part of Variations.

    I'm not judging, honestly, because heck, it's livejournal and I certainly sulk about things I wanted but didn't get quite how I planned on my blog too.

    I've also discussed intellectually and rationally those same things in other places. Doesn't mean I can honestly say I've never sulked about it. That's what blogs/livejournals are for. :-)

  8. I see. Don't think I saw most of that. Though GW supporters don't really represent GW as a whole. I know the official statement the head of GW made was that they were pleased.

    And thanks!